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Most of you guys heard his name already: Jeff Schmidt – he is the guy behind all the Alien Imaging stuff. His libraries like Fuse Reloader or Warp are legendary and sold all over the place. As a FX creator on my own, who loves making Noizes and Sounds  Jeff is an unbelievable talent and I am so happy we got him on board to create custom FX for all the Benztown libraries. Jeff is also a very talented imaging director and an electric bass guitar player.

I love his work and by listening to new his new package I go nuts. Jeff is this guy you ask yourself, how did he fu***** do it + he inspires me to start a second episode of FAME FX just so I can prove myself against his great products.

If YOU want to learn how to create the best IMAGING FX…..Enter Jeff:


My dear friend and one of the best Imaging guys ever, David Konsky is using our latest FX Library Fame FX. Today, Konsky shows you  how to combine various Fame FX workparts to build a cutting through stager to grab the listener’s attention. A nice shot from Australia’s hottest imaging producer!

Check the screen cap and listen to the audio example!

Fame FX, Oli’s and my new FX library, will be out offcially on Monday 25th of April. That means, it is time for an unbelievable blog contest: Fame FX for free! You just have to spend 5 minutes!



The 1st Prize: Fame FX, the full download package with more than 300 bad ass Imaging FX including hits, impact, sonics, starters, electronica, flyIns, loops……..worth 299 $ US (VAT excluded)

The 2nd prize: Fame FX Imaging Pack including 25 Sound FX through all categories.

The 3rd prize: Fame FX Imaging Pack including 10 Sound FX through all categories.

Contest idea.

You have an Imaging Icon or a producer , who influenced or influences you and your work? Ask him the 5 questions below and you both win the entire Fame FX package before the competition can even buy it. More than 300 Sound FX for free. Both, the interviewer and the respondent win!

Contest questions.

1. What do you love about being the Imaging guy for station XY?

2.Who influenced your work as a producer?

3.What was your greatest moment in your radio career?

4. What are your 3 favourite PlugIns and why?

5. What is the key to be a successful Imaging guy?

Contest rules.

Your interview has to be sent latest Sunday 1oth of April. It has to be the original email conversation or an audio file. (You can also add additional material like screenshots, graphics etc…)Email to: All the interviews will be posted in one post on Monday 08 AM PST for the entire week. The interview gets rated best by our blog readers, wins!

5 questions in 5 minutes bring you Fame FX, the only FX buyout package you need this year.

Chapter 8: FX:

boom, bang, zap, crrkk, woosh…

We all know them, we all love them. FX, our little helpers to spice up an element to give it the final touch. As a Benztown volunteer, I have the privilege to choose from over 1000 FX from the Benztown library (yeah, I’m a lucky guy :)). But here starts the problem: Which FX do I choose?

I think, sooner or later we all get to the point when we ask this question, so here a few basic tricks and tips to limit the number of possible FX for an element. check out my tips

crash, boom, bang, zip zap, crrrrrrrrkkkkkk, swoosh….

At the moment our team is discussing an upcoming project back and forth. Oli and I dream about creating the most powerful FX package in the world. We already started working on it in the last years but dont know if the massive amount of time creating that package would be worth to finalize. That been said there is a few question that might help us to finally compilate and produce the package. How to get yourself an exclusive prelistening in 3 minutes? Just answer the 5 questions below!

1. What is your favourite FX package until now and why (Alien Imaging, Killer Hertz, Noise, Megabytes, etc.)?

2. What is your favourite delivering media and audio quality?

3. What would be a realistic prize for a 200+ cut FX package?

4. What category of fx do you prefer or you want all of them (hits, wipes, combos, drum loops, drones….)?

5. What packages did you buy last year?

What do Vic Firth, James Dyson and Oli from benztown all have in common? They all build and create elements they need on their own.
4 years ago Oli had the feeling he never got the right Sound Design Work Parts and Imaging FX he was looking for on the CD or Online libraries he was purchasing. So he taught himself to create outstanding Imaging FX. He experimented a lot, bought some synth gear, trieda drum sampler, loaded them with shiploads of stuff and f**** around with it. By doing this everyday day he created a huge archive for benztown, which fits his own needs better than any product around.
Learn to scratch your own itch, make your production sound better, save time and improve yourself with this easy 5 minute 3 step workout.