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What do Vic Firth, James Dyson and Oli from benztown all have in common? They all build and create elements they need on their own.
4 years ago Oli had the feeling he never got the right Sound Design Work Parts and Imaging FX he was looking for on the CD or Online libraries he was purchasing. So he taught himself to create outstanding Imaging FX. He experimented a lot, bought some synth gear, trieda drum sampler, loaded them with shiploads of stuff and f**** around with it. By doing this everyday day he created a huge archive for benztown, which fits his own needs better than any product around.
Learn to scratch your own itch, make your production sound better, save time and improve yourself with this easy 5 minute 3 step workout.


To improve your skills in just 5 minutes! Sounds strange, but it is possible. It is no rocket science at all. I use that strategy for years now and have great experience with this unique technique. From today on I will share my “5 minute work out” to improve my skill level with you and hope it has the same effect on your creativity, production skills and inspiration than on mine. In general :  you hardly find any imaging producer, who is not stressed out at all, caught up in production routines or cranks out the stuff like he used to do for ages. That’s a matter of fact.

So the first 5 minute work out starts today . total read time 5 minutes