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Most of you guys might remember Gavan Bruderer from some older posts we did over the years about his experiences with Fame FX and radio imaging in general. He is a talented bloke and currently works for Clear Channel imaging Z100 Portland, as well as he is taking care of the commercial workload directly in Salt Lake City, where he is based + he does some startup packages for new stations that Clear Channel launches.

We often talk about Pro Tools on this blog too, but a lot of guys use Adobe Audition out there and Gavan decided to give those people a chance for asking questions and sharing ideas about the DAW. Therefore Gavan launched A Facebook page where all the producers using Adobe Audition can ask questions, share feedback and connect with official Adobe Members to discuss Audition. Gavan told us that there are a ton of Pro Tools groups out there, but he never found any about Adobe Audition that specifically targets radio producers.




So if any of you guys out there are logged into Facebook and you are interested in Adobe Audition give Gavan a thumbs up RIGHT HERE!




After about 20 years in radio full-time, I’ve been working as a director of video productions for a manufacturing company in Kansas City for the last few years. I have clients I do imaging for as a freelancer on a consistent basis as well as working with my “home station,” KZPT-FM 997 the Point in Kansas City, where I’m also on-air as a weekend/fill-in jock.
I’d also like to mention how much I love this “Iron Imager” contest. I’d like to thank Benztown for making it happen. I’d like to thank Dan Kelly and the other champs for being involved and bringing a large amount of credibility to this event. The trip to LA and the chance to share the stage with Dan, catch some hang time with the Benztown Team is a prize in itself! If this brings me new opportunities, that’s just icing on the cake. This experience has easily been one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in my radio career.
I love you, radio.
Love, Brady

PS: I’m on twitter, @bradygoodman, and I’m always open to new opportunities

Check out the interview with Brady: (more…)

In today’s world, music production, radio imaging, recording and mastering has become more and more a software solution.

Today we are blessed with tons of DAWs and audio editing software. Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Reaper, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Sony Vegas and lots of other software solutions available to everybody from the youngster to the pro and in any price range.

How do you choose the perfect DAW for yourself? What is important to you and what would make your work even better ?

I had a very active discussion with the finalists of the Benztown Iron Imager contest about the pros and cons of the DAWs they use. Now, I want to hear your opinion. What DAW do you use and why? Do you have different DAWs for specific tasks? What are your favorite features and how would you improve your DAW or others? I’m curious about your opinion in the comments below. Let’s get it on guys: I WISH MY DAW COULD…..

Our reader Kyle wrote us an email with the following question:

“Hello Benztown Boys and Girls,
Was wondering if you could ask on your blog for the Adobe Audition Users (Version 1.5 to 3.0), what the best compression and EQ settings are in Adobe’s own effects panel.

Now it’s up you, Adobe Audition experts on this blog. Share your wisdom with us help us to answer Kyle’s question and help him to rock his productions!

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend….Your Benztown Blog Crew

We have two big groups of readers on the blog: Pro Tools and Adobe Audition users. Each DAW has its loyal fans since years, so we have a special just for you guys. I had a little time to do some research on the net to bring you the best of both worlds!

Tutorials, support, tricks, inspiration and much more especially for your DAW. Here’s a list of great websites, every Audition and Pro Tools user should check (besides of this blog of course ;)).

Pro Tools: is the official Avid Audio Forum. Find everything about Pro Tools: Tricks, support, tipps, discussions and much more, no matter if you’re a PC or a Mac user. is an interantional forum covering soft- and hardware and any kind of production with Pro Tools. is an excellent source for the latest news and great tutorials for Pro Tools. offers a wide range of tutorials, videos, tricks, reviews and support for Pro Tools users.

get the latest news and a lot of great links for Pro Tools. is the perfect place for news, tricks and reviews comsidering production with Pro Tools.

Adobe Audition:

The official Adobe Audition Forum is your door to the daily growing community of Audition users. Discuss everything about Audition, get technical support, reviews, inspiration and more.

The perfect source for Audition videos. Check the tutorials and get inspired.

The Adobe Audio Blog. Providing news, reviews, tricks, tutorials and more since over three years.

Guys like James Smith or Nic Kelly have proven it: Adobe Audition is a hot topic in Radio Imaging. In the last time, we heard a lot of great imaging  produced with Adobe Audition. There is some very hot beatmatching – and all this without the help of a ProTools grid mode.

Morning Show producer for Fox FM in Mebourne, script writer and Pro Tools and Adobe Audition expert, Jerimiah a.k.a. Jez B, created a Beatmixing Tutorial for Adobe Audition.

Check his video, follow a few easy steps and you’ll never miss a beat.

Akron, Ohio has a strong Country heritage as the guy I want to introduce to you today. James “Lee” Smith.  James is a really talented imaging guy, banging out awesome stuff out off Akron. Why James and his wife moved back to Ohio, why working in the world of Country is a great experience and the secret way how to work in your dream job…

Read his inspiring interview, check his izotope Ozone presets and listen to his stuning audio pieces.

Enter “James Lee” Smith! (more…)

BOOOM…..Chuck tackles the Imaging World! I met him in 2009, when we were about to launch our classic hits library. He was the man, who created the launch package for it and is currently producing Classic Hits client KBGO/Big 95 WACO. The VO is Benztown talent and legendary KEarth morning host Gary Bryan. Check out Chuckers Vegas Presets, his awesome preamp and mic combos and listen to the best classic hits imaging demo on the planet.

During his career Chuck imaged 5 time Marconi winner classic hits WMJI/Cleveland, where he won two March of Dimes Achievement in Radio awards for spot and promo. Later he imaged Classic hits WTRG/Raleigh, assisted with WLCL/Atlanta’s launch, plus WRQN/Toledo and contract work for WOMC/Detroit. On the rock side, produced imaging at legendary WMMS/The Buzzard Cleveland. Which lead to producing imaging launches for Buzzard clones WVBZ/Greensboro NC (along with WMMS alum Cousin Deke) and WBZT/Greenville SC.  Cuck also produced rock WXKR/Toledo for a number of years. Currently he works as the Production Director for independent Rubber City Radio in Akron OH aka Rubber City USA, where whe oversees three stations. Rock WONE-FM, country WQMX and News/Sports/Oldies hybrid WAKR-AM. WAKR is over 70 years old and esteemed alum include Alan Freed, who is credited with coining the phrase “Rock and Roll”, Scott Muni, Charlie Greer and Art Fleming, the first host of “Jeopardy!” (more…)

We  haven’t heard from Nic, our Australian wunderkind for a while, but guess what : He is back on the blog with another Nic Kelly Files episode! I emailed Nic and asked him, if he could create a Adobe tutorial, because we recon a big Audition fan base among the younger imaging and production guys.  Learn how to run your master real time. Enter Nic! (more…)

As Pro Tools veterans since years, we know and love our Pro Tools. In my mind, Pro Tools is still the most effective DAW out there. But the competitors don’t sleep. Everyone wants to create the most powerful DAW and more and more different softwares are active on the market. Adobe Audition, Sony Vegas, Sonar, Cubase, Logic, just to name a few. Of course, every company says that they have the best product, but let’s be honest, who has the time to test them all?

Gavan Bruderer had enough time to test them and now he’s sharing his experience with his favorite DAW – Reaper. As Imaging guy and VO talent (remember his Michael Jackson piece on the blog?), he knows what a good DAW needs to meet our high demands. Listen to Gavan’s demo, fully created with Reaper.

Interested? Then check out his article and the screenshots.

Enter Gavan and Reaper. (more…)