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Happy Valentine’s Day to all our lovely blog readers!!! WE LOVE YOU!

We know not many of us can be as romantic as Gary, who found his great love today as you can see above. But our SFX-Diggers Konrad and Max gave their best and did a brainstorm on which sounds to record for Valentine’s Day. (Side Note Andy: In this regard, they had to face some things, they always have been avoiding in conversations with their girlfriends…)


SFX Winter Sports Gary

We have a new trainee here at benztown, he’s called Max and one of the many great things about him is that he loves recording sounds! He studied at the SAE institute in Stuttgart and worked as a boom operator and location sound mixer for several movie projects (especially for the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg).

Dont be afraid of the recording process,  it’s actually a funny trial and error task and doesn’t take as much time and money as you think. Our first big mission was to record SFX for the Olympic Winter Games – without having real winter temperatures and olympic environment here in Stuttgart. Get into recording your own sound effects – Step by Step! (more…)

Dan Mumford

I finally found the time to interview my friend Dan Mumford. He’s an extraordinary talented composer, imaging director and sound designer, who will share his incredible knowledge with you.

For 10 years Dan has been working for BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. He started as a Programme Transfer Assistant for BBC in 2003 and two years later he managed to become the Producer of X-Trails. After scoring the position as the Station Sound Producer for 1Xtra and then Radio 1 in 2007/08, he finally made his way to Station Sound Manager of Radio 1 and 1Xtra in 2010. One of his greatest accomplishments is re-branding Radio 1’s Breakfast Show for the first time in 8 years. Nowadays he works as a freelancer and his stuff is amazing. Check out Dan Mumford!



It’s that time of year where we hook you up with a new KILLER prize for our Presets4Presents Xmas Contest. (more…)

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

The last days, we’ve been experimenting with Hybrid FX – Sound Effect combos including short FX and also spheres like Drones and Pads. Our goal was to create FX combos, which can be used on their own to create a full element to talk over without using any additional FX.

Here’s a little preview of the hybrid FX, which are now available for all our libraries:

I just wanted to ask you guys what you think about this kind of FX. Do you like using donuts with predetermined length or do you keep thinking: ‘Dammit, I wanted to use this element, but it’s two seconds shorter than I needed it.’?

Are fully produced FX combos a relief for radio producers or do you guys tend to build everything by yourself? Let me know what you think.

Cheers and have a great weekend.

Finally we added it to our studio! Native Instruments’ all-in-one solution for producers – KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE!

This package with 65 instruments and effects will give you all you need to get started in production and sound design or to extend your repertoire to the max!

We want to take a look inside this package and check out the various cool instruments and effects for radio production, imaging and sound design.

Getting through this massive collection would blow the dimension of this post, so we want to get it piece by piece.Today we want to start with a big bang – NI’s collaboration with Heavyocity, which brings cinematic epicness to your production, also known as DAMAGE (Finally, also a part of the Komplete 9 Ultimate collection)

You’re looking for a big smashing sound for your promo? Check out, how Damage brings you epic scores and effects in a few seconds and hear some audio samples. (more…)

Extreme Effect Settings

Hey guys, it’s Andre.

Today, I’m going to overuse some plugin effects and features of Pro Tools as Sound Design techniques to create some more extreme effects. We all learned to avoid red meters and heavy overuse of plugins, but this time, we’re going for extremes and create some cool FX with that.

Check out how to overuse EQ settings, reverbs and destruction of sounds to create some soft, big or heavy distorted FX. (more…)

Hey guys, it’s Andre.

As might discovered in the last months, I’m pretty often using and sharing presets and tricks for Native Instrument’s Massive. I have to admit, that I really like this bad boy synth, because of its endless ways to customize it. I think with the right knowledge and experience in using Massive you won’t need a lot of other synths anymore, because you can create almost any sound in this little gem.

Today, I was once again messing around and twisting some knobs. I set a limit of a few minutes for myself and wanted to see what will result in this.

I ended up with a pretty dark Drone created by using the almost endless modulation abilities of Massive.

Here’s what it sounds like:

And now the cool part… You’re getting this Preset for FREE!

Check out the download link below and see how I created that sound. (more…)

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

While I was sampling some of my software instruments on the lookout for new sounds for possible FX and Drones, I stumbled over this little fun tool, I almost forgot about – Native Instruments’ Skanner.

Skanner was released for free a while ago and is now back as Skanner XT, an updated version with more sounds and features.

Calling Skanner just a software synth would be a bit understated, because it’s much more. I would call it a creative weapon for sound designers. Check out why and what it sounds like. (more…)

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