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What a weekend! LA, sunshine and high class imaging!

At this year’s AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit, Dan Kelly and reigning contestant Paul Duffy proved their skills in an epic battle of imaging skills. 60 minutes – 100 Ingredients – one winner!

First of all, thanks to both Paul Duffy and Dan Kelly to serve us this spectacular final.

The rules were simple: Create a 30 second music Promo in one hour! Now, here’s the turn: Our finalists had to do an Alternative format Promo, so this was new for both of our finalists. A format outside their comfort zone.

This year’s judges (Ken Benson, President, SparkNet Research & Consulting; Louie Diaz, Program Director, Alpha Broadcasting/Portland; and Trevor Shand, Imaging Producer & Writer for Rogers Broadcasting/Canada and KROQ/Los Angeles) had a hard time making a decision, but after a night of analyzing the pieces and voted for Dan Kelly as the winner.

He received $1,000 cash and the most prestigious title in Radio Imaging of The Iron Imager 2013.

Check out the guys’ final Promos and some great shots from the event! (more…)

All the submissions have arrived, the jury is now choosing the contestant for the Finals. Who will be the NEW Iron Imager? Are your ready for the most prestigious title in radio imaging? One talented producer will have the chance to compete against reigning Iron Imager Paul Duffy. We had the luck to steal a bit of his time during his training for the contest and managed to get insight into his secret training routine :)….It is very Irish!

Check out the interview, some inspirational audio and some Irish Imaging wisdom from the Iron Imager himself – Enter Paul Duffy! (more…)

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Only a few days left, until April 11. Soon we will know, who’s going to challenge defending champion Paul Duffy in the battle of the Iron Imager 2013.

Now is your chance to show your skills, travel to LA and win $1,000 in cash in an epic imaging battle.

For those, who are just downloading their ingredient packs and can’t wait to start, check out this post to get some inspiration, before you start.

All information on how to challenge Paul Duffy for the imaging crown can be found here. (more…)


Have you ever been to the City of Angels ? have you ever knocked out a real Champion? ARE YOU READY to play with the big boys? The Ultimate Audio Battle of Skill and Will is BACK! Once again, imaging directors from all over the world will compete and find out who’s worth the title of World’s Best Imager as well as cash and other prices.

Last year, Irish Pitbull Paul Duffy came out on top, and now it’s time for the king to defend his title!

The contestants will demonstrate their imaging skills using handpicked audio from the Benztown Branding Libraries and their handwritten scripts. For the first time, our contestants will exclusively get their scripts read by Benztown’s very own world-class voice talents, including Joe Cipriano, Mark Fisher, Donna Frank, Jack Dennis, Mike Bratton and Jamie Lee.

The winner of Round One will face the reigning Iron Imager Paul Duffy in a head-to-head lice competition at the All Access Worldwide Radio Summit on May 3, 2013, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA.

Now is your turn to show your skills and challenge Paul Duffy!

Round One – Selecting The Best

All contestants will compete to create their best TOH ID, using the handpicked audio from the Benztown Libraries.

  • Get your ingredients pack here.
  • Chose one of the available Benztown VO talents here and submit your script
  • Final pieces must be submitted to no later than Thursday, April 11, 2013 and will be judged by a panel of the world’s top producers and programmers.

Final Round – Challenging Paul Duffy live at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

  • WWRS admission will be provided by Benztown.
  • International contestants are eligible. Benztown will provide US domestic airfare ONLY.
  • The winner will receive $ 1,000 cash and the most prestigious title in radio production: Iron Imager!

For more information visit

Do you have  what it takes?


I can’t wait to hear your entries. Submit your piece and become the Iron Imager!

Benztown’s first Iron Imager, Paul Duffy returns with a brand new Promo for Classic Hits 4FM, Ireland.

Paul created a stunning Promo almost in a HotAC-like style, hot cuts and FX.

Check out Paul’s example for hotter style Classic Hits Imaging.

It was so close, I personally loved both pieces and the fact they were done in an hour is almost unbelievable. To me, both finalists were winners, but his time my opinion did not count at all. It was all up to the Jury consisting of some of North America’s most influential decision makers in radio. The 1st Benztown’s Iron Imaging Contest winner is:

1. Winner

Paul Duffy

2. Brian Haddad

Get more info about the audio pieces and check all the pics and videos from the actual show. (more…)

I am so proud of you. The entries we received for Benztown’s first Iron Imager Contest  have just been awesome. The entire jury had a hard time choosing and rating the best submissions, as most of the entries (from all around the world) have been outstanding! Four submissions were ranked first place, by having the exact same amount of points. So the jury was pretty clear on which pieces were their favorite. Check the four best guys and their submissions.

Paul Duffy


Brian Haddad aka “Sludge”


Binoy Joseph


Chris Davis


As we tried to invite all four contestants and change contest rules, sadly Binoy Joseph (Creative Director Radio City Network in Banglore, India) and Chris Davis (2dayFM’s Kyle & Jackie O Morning Show) had to pass, because of visa issues and other work commitments. (personal note from andy: I am really sad, cause your stuff really rocked and I will feature you guys in future blog articles)

So for the final it is Paul Duffy from Ireland (Creative Director Classic Hits 4FM) vs Brian Haddad aka “Sludge” from Philly (Creative Director WIP-AM). They are both battling for the Iron Imager crown at the Worldwide Radio Summit in at the W Hotel Hollywood this weekend. Both fight to become THE 2012 Iron Imager and win $1,000 US.

On Wednesday, you will learn more about our prominent panel of judges, the final contestants and the live session details.

Unbelievable! The blog turns one today and I feel realy pumped about this fact. It started as a vision (“maybe it’ll become a real blog for imaging and production”) with this article and is today one of the most read, maybe the most read radio imaging blog in the world. More than 80 000 people have read the articles on this blog in one single year. Today we have more than 3000 people a week sharing ideas, reading the articles, watching the tutorials, checking the screen caps and listening to the stunning audio of the greatest production guys in the world. Thank you for making this blog  the hot spot for radio imaging. Thanks for all the inspiration and efforts.

AND there is tons of great content to come in the near future…. A massive Imaging contest with a jury of hand picked programing legends and radio pros, great interviews, new demos, tutorials and a fantastic X-mas present. For today I want to honor the guys who wrote the most successful posts ever (on this blog) and show the posts to you once again + revitalize our survey, making the blog even more specific and better for you by asking about your preferences considering our posts.

THE 12 most successful posts ever. (more…)

YOU ARE Rockstars……And I say this from the bottom of my heart. Without you and your suppport, the blog would not be possible! August was our biggest blog month ever and Andre and I want to thank all of you guys for creating something remarkable together and developing a place, imaging guys can go to learn, chat,  share and get inspired! When I started that almost a year ago, I never had a clue that this baby would grow so fast and get so massive! I am proud of every single post, the unbelievable personal stories and the great new connections and relations around the globe for all of us.  I am proud of you!

Thanks for sharing all your tricks, infos, ideas and wisdom. Thanks for your incredible talent, your time, effort, pics, screen caps, videos, audio, posts, comments and and and….We can make the imaging world better, increase the overall quality and develop new talents in our world.

Let’s keep on rocking!

Andy & Andre

Please post your personal blog experience below as a comment or send me an email to Can’t wait to hear your connects and stories!

In times of PPM, when all elements have to be ultrashort, clean and fast we forget about the pieces we as producers and imaging guys love and which inspire us the most:  the monumental, epic, massive, extra long, plugIn battle field and effect packed pieces.

My Irish mate Paul Duffy based in Dublin, who creates awesome Imaging for 98FM, sent through the fantastic piece above and raised the idea to collect those epic Imaging Pieces like last weeks beatmixes. Gents, please send through your epic imaging works and I will post them in the next weeks. (Give me some background on the work and I can include that as well.) Read Paul’s email below and get to know more background info about the piece above…