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Vari-Fi Studio One







In some of the last posts we showed our favourite additional composing DAW Studio One and some of its useful functions. This week we have two amazing visitors from the Benztown offices in L.A. – Justin “Imaging Ninja” Case and Shane “Guitar Hero” Drasin. While Justin and I are discussing Imaging, FX and VO chains – Shane is working with Oli and Konrad.


Shane works mostly with Pro Tools and Reason, but the guys over here show him our latest fav Studio One. No question he can create music, sound design and the next number 1 hit with a 4Track recorder, as long he has a guitar in his hands. He liked some of the features of Studio One and wants to give them a try in the future.  Konrad, who really became a fan of the presonus DAW, found a solution to outweigh one of the last deficits of Studio One –  It has Vari-Fi on board now. His method might be a bit unusual and does not create a real vinyl stop, but you can slow down audio in a minute, without 3rd party plug-ins…


Clique - Justin Case

Everybody loves to do CHR Imaging. Why? Big FX, big processing, crazy VO treatment, bad ass beats….
I love Justin’s approach in our CLIQUE library, as it is kind of fresh and very fast paced. The VO is Mikey Muscatello. Check also some of Justin’s screen caps….Enjoy! (Side Note Andy: Check Justin on Ryan’s Podcast) (more…)

Benztown Halloween Madness 3

We finally made it to this years Halloween week and we can’t wait to show our scary outfits, get awarded for the best pumpkin carving and fight our last bit of candy against hordes of sugar hungry trick-or-treaters. What’s the best soundtrack to shorten the time until All Hallows’ Eve? Listening to some scary, spooky, thrilling, frightening, dramatic, doomed, haunting, mystic and of course freaky and funny Halloween Imaging! So here is our this years best of and we hope you’ll enjoy it and get some inspiration! Including work from some benztown formats (CHR, Rock, Rhythmic, HotAC, AC, Country, Classic Hits) by Justin CaseChris DavisJan BrücknerAdam VentonDan Gustafson and myself.

Every one of us remembers exactly, where he was in that particular moment, when he first saw this unreal pictures on TV. The attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon shocked the entire world.
Last year we had an incredible dedication piece of audio done by Paul Armstrong remembering that day in September.  This year we remember the heroes, the victims and honor their legacy with a dedication mashup from various benztown formats including work from Justin Case, Chris Davis, James Stodd, Jan Brückner, Dan Kelly, Adam Venton, Dan Gustaffson and myself.

YOU ARE Rockstars……And I say this from the bottom of my heart. Without you and your suppport, the blog would not be possible! August was our biggest blog month ever and Andre and I want to thank all of you guys for creating something remarkable together and developing a place, imaging guys can go to learn, chat,  share and get inspired! When I started that almost a year ago, I never had a clue that this baby would grow so fast and get so massive! I am proud of every single post, the unbelievable personal stories and the great new connections and relations around the globe for all of us.  I am proud of you!

Thanks for sharing all your tricks, infos, ideas and wisdom. Thanks for your incredible talent, your time, effort, pics, screen caps, videos, audio, posts, comments and and and….We can make the imaging world better, increase the overall quality and develop new talents in our world.

Let’s keep on rocking!

Andy & Andre

Please post your personal blog experience below as a comment or send me an email to Can’t wait to hear your connects and stories!

Bring IT baby! Tony Horton is Mister Fitness and now exclusive to the radio presented by Benztown Radio Networks. Tony is the trainer of the stars and he is influencing an entire nation to get healthy and fit. Even the President of benztown Dave “Chachi” Denes is a massive Fan and follows Tony’s instructions every day by starting his day with the legendary P90X program. Since he started a few weeks ago he lost around 10 pounds and develops into a muscle packed warrior 😉

P90x works and Tony is the rockstar of the Fitness Industry with more than half a billion in sales. The “Bring It Minute” is the only radio feature connecting listeners and advertisers through fitness and health content improving lifestyle on a daily basis.

His demo needed to be energetic, hot and high speed – it needed to sound like Tony and THE X! My buddy Justin Case did an amazing job on it. Enjoy Bruno Mars sing about P90X….

Today, I want you to introduce to our Benztown Urban Imaging Director Justin Case. Justin is from Albuquerque a very successful DJ, Imaging Guy at OMG Radio and a specialist when it comes to integration of samples, voice or music into production and imaging. Here at Benztown, he takes care of the Urban Sweepers and Promos + a ton of other stuff….sorry bro…you are too good and fast like sh***, so I love working with you:O).

His pieces are incredible fast, energy driven, full impact and always an awesome crazy mix out of Music, VO Samples, Song Fragments, Listeners, Testimonials and and and. He is the kind of guy, integrating 10 different snippits in 5 seconds and it still sounds like one piece. I think his style will change the Imaging world in the next years to a on one side more natural, but on the other hand even hotter imaging sound, still sounding natural and real.  Can these 2 different parts work together? Yes, in my opinion they can. You first need to get your VO guy to have a more usual/real/common read and second you should be motivated to get great sounding listener and real people material, which is, to be honest, a big effort, but once you have it on your desk, you will have the hell of a time. Being real and using real voices and listeners is always a topic, no matter where I go and talk to Imaging guys, PDs or else.

Justin is magic and his stuff is also in my opinion. Enough words: HAVE FUN AND CHECK HIM OUT!

After getting so much love for Oli’s Beatmixing Tutorial , Andy asked our users to send in some beatmixes and beatmatched stuff and your response was MASSIVE!

We received tons of beatmatching demos, which we don’t want to deprive you of.

So check out the beatmixes we received and let us know what you think and which one is your favourite!