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Usually, working in grid mode is one of the best ways to achieve great results, especially when it comes to music related tasks like beatmatching. No matter what happens, grid mode will always keep the beat.

But sometimes, the grid might be against you. Especially when you’re having off beat elements in a session which is dominated by having a certain BPM and a strict grid.

That’s why you’re having a feature called relative grid. It also keeps your audio files in grid, but not like nailed to the single beats, but rather relative to the position your audio had before.

Check out the following example and see how you can use relative grid in your production. (more…)

I often promised you guys to get this guy on the blog one day and today is one of my luckiest blogging days ever, because I finally got him….I am talking about one of the biggest influencers of the CHR Imaging world – Matt Nikolic. A guy, who got named by Konsky, BT, Sidey, Jez and of course me and many others as well, when it came to the question : Who influenced you when you started your imaging career?

But let’s go back to 2005 when I met Matt in Melbourne and hung around with him for a few days @ the FOX. It was fanstastic to see Matt work and very inspiring.  He was like Oli and me working in the GRID mode and to be honest I haven’t met a lot of people before doing this. That’s why I felt home right away, when Matt opened his Pro Tools sessions and the blue Grid button was turned on. I also remember Matt showed me the best lunch place in Melbourne, which was owned by a greek couple and their sandwiches were fantastic. (I still remember that bro). The only advice I can give you, read the interview, check the screen caps and the WANGO TANGO promo (- one word : fantastic) and learn from one of the best or maybe the best CHR Imaging producer in the world. (more…)

Hi guys it’s me, Andre.

Since 15 weeks, I’m now a volunteer at the Benztown studios in Stuttgart and learning from Andy & Oli.

This week, I’m showing you a useful feature for cutting very long files in a few seconds… Strip Silence.


What the hell is this guy doing and why is this posted on a radio imaging blog?

This is beatjuggling and is one of the king disciplines of turntablism. It’s the manipulation of two or more samples, loops, songs, etc… to create a new and unique composition using two or more turntables and one or more mixers. In short: It’s creating new beats by playing around with sounds you’ve already got.

So why am I posting this?

With my musical background as DJ, I’ ve always been impressed of this form of ‘Live Remixing’ and I wanted to bring this technique into Pro Tools.

So, today I’m gonna show you some beatjuggling made in Pro Tools, totally without turntables. A great technique, especially for Urban Imaging.

And by the way… it’s way easier to learn beatjuggling in Pro Tools than with real turntables and vinyl (believe me, it’s a freaking pain…)


In this Video Oli shows you how to remix a Katy Perry Ramp Loop or better said how to mix two loops with different tempos and beatmatch them with ProTools 8. You will also learn how to identify the beat proper and why we use the GRID Mode almost in every session. So, it was never as easy as today to create great beatmixes, remixes and other beatmatched stuff using elastic Audio and the GRID mode. Have fun while watching the video and send along your best beatmixes and I am gonna post them next week. (more…)

Read this short post carefully and ask yourself…do I have this 3 friends lined up? IF you do, ask yourself: How can I do it even better?