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Hey guys, here’s a selection of plug-in and audio manufactors, where you can get nice Black Friday Deals. If we forgot some sites, let the world know in the comments… (more…)

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Here at Benztown we always check the web and magazines for new plug-ins and amazing gear which maybe help to take our imaging and music production to the next level… or we check out classics like the U47 and hit you up with a mic comparison (Side Note Andy: great feedback on that, thanks guys!). And because there’s so much new and old stuff that’s worth to review or to test, we are having a hard time to decide on our own, what should be NEXT?! (more…)

Benztown Halloween Madness 2

Only two weeks until they’ll trick and treat us, so it’s time for the second part of our Benztown Halloween Madness! And what is one of the Halloween imaging essentials? STRINGS! Our choice for scary, thrilling and shocking orchestral sounds are the Symphobia 1 & 2 libraries from Project SAM. And we want to show you why:


David Konsky 2Day

Guys, I am happy David sent some new pieces, he built for 2day in Sydney. Check his amazing song intros!  David used Antares  and one of my favourite vocoders: Razor.

“My PD was keen for me to build something with “musicality” – so I built some “sonic” integrated ID’s. Same key as original, just different notation mixed with some jingle bits and VO parts keyed aswell.  I used multiple plugins including Antares Harmony Engine, Razor and majority by the grid and using pitch shift.”

Intros for Zedd, Katy Perry and Flo Rida:

Jason Derulo intro in full, acapella and instrumental version

Thanks to David for sharing his work with us!

Finally we added it to our studio! Native Instruments’ all-in-one solution for producers – KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE!

This package with 65 instruments and effects will give you all you need to get started in production and sound design or to extend your repertoire to the max!

We want to take a look inside this package and check out the various cool instruments and effects for radio production, imaging and sound design.

Getting through this massive collection would blow the dimension of this post, so we want to get it piece by piece.Today we want to start with a big bang – NI’s collaboration with Heavyocity, which brings cinematic epicness to your production, also known as DAMAGE (Finally, also a part of the Komplete 9 Ultimate collection)

You’re looking for a big smashing sound for your promo? Check out, how Damage brings you epic scores and effects in a few seconds and hear some audio samples. (more…)

Hey guys, it’s Andre.

As might discovered in the last months, I’m pretty often using and sharing presets and tricks for Native Instrument’s Massive. I have to admit, that I really like this bad boy synth, because of its endless ways to customize it. I think with the right knowledge and experience in using Massive you won’t need a lot of other synths anymore, because you can create almost any sound in this little gem.

Today, I was once again messing around and twisting some knobs. I set a limit of a few minutes for myself and wanted to see what will result in this.

I ended up with a pretty dark Drone created by using the almost endless modulation abilities of Massive.

Here’s what it sounds like:

And now the cool part… You’re getting this Preset for FREE!

Check out the download link below and see how I created that sound. (more…)

Razor Vocoder

Native Instrument’s Razor is cutting through Benztown!

It’s been a while since Andre fell in love with this sharp additive synthesizer, now it’s cutting its way through radio imaging and never fails to impress with its vocoder. Check out the latest stuff from Benztown CHR and hear some cutting edge vocoder sounds!

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

While I was sampling some of my software instruments on the lookout for new sounds for possible FX and Drones, I stumbled over this little fun tool, I almost forgot about – Native Instruments’ Skanner.

Skanner was released for free a while ago and is now back as Skanner XT, an updated version with more sounds and features.

Calling Skanner just a software synth would be a bit understated, because it’s much more. I would call it a creative weapon for sound designers. Check out why and what it sounds like. (more…)

Today, I’m gonna show you one of our latest toys in the studio – Native Instrument’s Maschine.

Maschine is a groove production instrument, which comes with its own controller. Native Instruments took a very popular hardware as inspiration. The famous Akai MPC. Below is a picture of the Maschine controller and a classic Akai MPC-60 and you’ll see what I mean 😉

Maschine comes with its own software. You can either use it as Plugin within your DAW or as  version. In the software you can choose your samples, settings, effects, edit you patterns etc. If you’re not so focused on working with software, just switch off your screen. You can see all the information you need on the controller with its display and the lighted buttons and pads. Every parameter can be controlled with the controller – no mouse needed – real Sampler EXPERIENCE!

Maschine is perfect for intuitive groove creation. The work flow is loop based, so you can add more and more elements to your groove and even quantize them without any pauses. Add effects to single elements or your whole beat without turning away from the controller.

For even more old school feeling, Maschine has an integrated step sequencer. Every pad stands for one beat in a 16 beat pattern. Creating beats has never been more fun and easier, especially for people with a very limited musical background.

The 6,2 GB sample library is a good basic for the first productions. Especially Hip Hop end electronic music producers with love the samples. Great quality, rich and a lot of stuff you’ve heard in todays hit records.

The Maschine controller can be used as MIDI controller, so you can use it for any other MIDI compatible software or Plugin.

If you’re into hardware and like that old school feeling, you should Maschine give a try. As bonus, here’s a little video of Maschine in the hands of an expert – it is NOT ME :)!

Hey guys, it’s Andre.

It’s now my 38th week here at Benztown. The 38th part of my Production Diary, where I share all the things I learned about radio imaging and production.

Today, I’m showing you one of my most favorite instrument plugins – Battery by Native Instruments.