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Reverb Depth

Talented mixing engineers use various dimensions to place their sounds. They find the right place for each and every element in the frequency range and stereo spectrum to avoid clashing sounds and to create a nice full mix.

Instead of just focusing on left and right, it’s time to go deeper… literally. To soften sharp sounds or to create little accents, engineers also use the depth to change how close or how far a sound is away from the listener. Especially, when you’re creating full scenes or working on a radio play, this trick adds that little bit of detail and realism.

Simply use a reverb on the sound you want to place far away. Find a setting you like and then start turning down the original signal, without turning down the reverb signal. The sound will become more and more distant and will feel like far away from you. Most reverbs have a dry/wet mix fader or knob, so you can place your reverb directly on the sound where you need it. Try to find the right balance between original and reverb signal to decide, how distant it will sound.

Another dimension to be creative with and a simple way to add depth and details.


Analyzer Tools and a lot of other software and plugins have made a producer’s life much easier. Complex analyzing and metering solutions enabled even a realtime 3D view of your work. All these parameters can turn your production into some kind of science with rules of exact levels, frequencies and positions of sounds. Are these tools something you can rely on? Do you think, they can help you in your work or are they just a distraction for your ears? Let me know what you think.

Mix Window Full

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Working with audio has become more and more comfortable in the digital age. There’s no need to worry about the number of used tracks. Just slam in your audio and create more tracks if needed. An increasing number of tracks might be pretty useful when you’re creating and arranging an element, but might turn out into a mess, when it comes to mixing. Dozens and more tracks take place in your session and help you losing the overview at all and make mixing a total pain. So why not mix step by step and do the important mix with only a few faders left? See, how this Mix window above will shrink down to only a few faders left.

Mix Window Small

All tracks above are combined to sub mixes, means all tracks are summed into various Aux tracks for final processing and mixing. This technique is established in music production, so let’s take it into radio imaging. Check out a possible setup for your sub mixes and how to improve your mix with this technique.


Spectrum Bass

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Radio Imaging is all about the creative use of music, sounds and voices in a maybe 30 seconds long piece of art. Coming with an idea and export this into a 30 seconds Promo is one thing. Finishing this off with the perfect mix is like the cherry on the cake.

But how to get this mix proper and everything clear? – There are a tons of various answers on how to process music, VO or FX and which techniques are the best ones. Sharing them all would be miles longer that this single post should be, so I’ve got only one important tip, this time – Watch your bass! (more…)

Hi guys it’s Andre.

It’s now my 27th week as volunteer at Bentztown Studios in Stuttgart.

Do you know what really sucks being an Old School DJ still using vinyl? It’s not the exorbitant prices for vinyl, the heavy cases you have to move to every gig, buying new needles from time to time, it’s recording. Once you f**k up a transition in a record, you have to start the whole freaking recording session, which can be a total pain if you mess up the last transition in a 2 hour session. That’s why a lot of studio mixes are done in Pro Tools. You can restart anywhere in the mix, you want. I’ve tried the same and here’s the result:

It’s just a small sample to show it.

You don’t need to be a DJ to create smooth transitions in Pro Tools. It takes you a few minutes, so let me show you: (more…)

These days hit music is mastered as never before. Louder, richer, more powerful and with (almost) no dynamic. Sure this depends on the format you are working for and if your station plays Stairway to heaven in an endless loop – no need to read this post.

all the others…learn more