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Multiband Compressor DeEsser

Having a good sounding and clean VO is very important for radio production. Before getting into further processing like EQ-ing and compression, your voice needs to be free of dirt and any noise. Having a voice file with a lots of sibilants is a pain. If you already have a hard time listening to this file with all its sharp sounds, it will get worse after compressing and limiting. Not all sibilants can be cutted with an EQ without making the voice sound worse than before.

A DeEsser is a producer’s tool to get rid of these noises, but not every DAW or plugin bundle features a DeEsser.

Don’t become desperate if you don’t own a DeEsser. There’s a pretty simple trick to recreate the DeEsser effect just by using a Multiband Compressor in only a few steps. (more…)

This is a ANDY personal :

In the last months I recieved more and more session screen shots and session templates from readers and friends with stereo VO tracks as basic VO tracks to go from. I always did my basic VO tracks as mono tracks. Why do you use basic stereo VO tracks?



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Multi Band Compressors is an often discussed topic in Radio Imaging and Music Production. I like using those on VO Aux tracks sometimes, because in my opinion it gives the VO a nice extra cut through (especially if you compress the high-end and mid frequencies). It is important your levels is right, so the Multi Band Compressor can work properly. I do this after compression and EQ-ing on a VO Aux Track to give some extra highlights. Please let me know, if this works with your session setup as well. My Favs are C4 and C6 and a L2 for peak catching afterwards. To me, this combo is easy to use and the waves stuff still has a really nice sound. Give your VO a nice extra…..!?

LA winter times, still not the worst place to hang out, right? But lets start chronologically. While flying over, I had a hard time to sleep, so I got some stuff rolling in the plane. As we decided to create some imaging updates for the Melissa Etheridge Radio Show. I was too packed to do it back home and it was the perfect chance to give it a go. Read more about getting shit done in a plane and check some great screen caps of my settings for Dan Kelly. (more…)

We had a plenty of VO treatment posts and seen a lot of screen shots and interview parts considering VO treatment. You find discussions about the right VO treatment everywhere in the www and in each monthly issue of almost any recording magzine.  Is it EQ before or after compression, why use a Limiter or Compressor, or both, is Normalize or not Normalize the right way to go. Imaging guys all over the world do it differently and we’ve seen screen caps from a lot of guys and their way to do it. Is there a right and a wrong way of VO treatment in radio imaging? Technically I would say yes, but if it is sounding great it is sounding great, right? This week you /the best radio imaging guys in the world and I make the biggest Experiment in VO treatment ever! COME closer…. (more…)

A few weeks ago I met the legendary Val Garay in Los Angeles and had an awesome dinner on the strip. What I didn’t know is that Val is not just famous for all the great records he produced in the 70s and 80s, he is also the engineer who used the Aural Exciter back in the days on almost every record he did and is now the face of the waves signitaure series for it. Check out the entire interview with Val about the Aphex Vinatge Aural Exciter.

So what’s in it for you? I propose you to turn on your studio speakers and listen to both VO tracks I prepared for you. YOU will be blown away

I use one Voice File from Harry with the exact same processing to demonstarte the magic poppin in by using this plugIn. I tweaked Val’s Preset t a little to my needs. Check out the screen caps and the audio – feel the difference!


Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Time flies. It’s now my 21st week here at the Benztown studios in Stuttgart. Since 21 weeks, I’m learning from Andy, Oli & Fabi what it takes to create stunning radio imaging.

As DJ, I know how important it is to have ‘the right flow’. The same counts for radio imaging aswell. An element with good flow and clean transitions is nice to listen to and with Grid mode, it’s not the hardest task to keep in the beat.

But the best flow is nothing, when your VO doesn’t fit. It can break your whole element. Flow is not only for music, it’s for your VO, too.

Imagine your VO as a rap, which doesn’t rhyme 🙂 A good rapper keeps rapping on the beat, so do the same for your VO. For example, try to get the vowels of your VO on the beats of your bed or your loop.

If you’re new to this topic, take a simple four to the floor beat and try it. If your VO doesn’t fit right, you can try different techniques to make it fit. Elastic audio is a great helper for this. Cut between words, fill gaps with delays or use stutters in your VO to make it fit. It might take a while to make it perfect, but you’ll definitely hear the difference and it will sound great.

As an example, I’ve attached an audio with a simple four to the floor beat and some VO samples from our male CHR VO Harry. They’re not meant to make sense, they just clarify, how it sounds, when your VO fits the beat.


Hi all,

first I wanna thank you for your massive interest in this. I am really excited in start doing this –  maybe even on a regular basis wit a special guest each time. For Friday: All places are taken, so sorry, but we had to limit this to guarantee and good Q&A part. For those who can’t make it, please don’t hesitate to send over your questions considering session setup and VO treatment ( and we will discuss during the webinar and post a few days later. I received really great material from our guests Mike and ? (the secret guy, you know this already) and I am really looking forward to share it with you.

Until then, here are a few great VO artists and the benztown VO treatment of them as audio and PlugIn Combo:


used PlugINs VOX: EQ 3 7-Band, Sci-Fi, MondoMod

used PlugINs Aux: EQ 3 7-Band, L2, T-Racks3 Prog EQ 1A, RVox, L2


used PlugINs VOX: EQ 3 7-Band, L2, H Delay

used PlugINs Aux: EQ 3 7-Band, L2, T-Racks3 Prog EQ 1A, RVox, L2


used PlugINs VOX: RCompressor, R EQ 6-Band, EQ 3 1-Band

used PlugINs Aux RCompressor, R EQ 6-Band, EQ 3 1-Band, D-Verb


used PlugINs VOX: EQ 3 7-Band, Sci-Fi, MondoMod

used PlugINs Aux: EQ 3 7-Band, L2, T-Racks3 Prog EQ 1A, RVox, L2

Typically you use a compressor right in the VO track or in a VO Sub or VO AUX to make your VO guy sound thick and powerful In an old post I showed you how my VO sub looks and compression, EQ-ing and limiting is an endless topic to me.  We @ benztown do adjustments in our settings almost ever second week and you can always find a better, tougher, punchier and more brilliant sound in comparing various compressors and presets. Today I want to show you how compressors with a sidechain function work as a volume adjuster. Save time, make your VO cut through! Enter the Sidechain Prince Pt 1: