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AIR Stereo Width

This plugin comes FREE with Pro Tools and is a real secret weapon to widen up your sound. AIR Stereo Width comes with a pretty decent preset called ‘Wider Highs’. Tweak it to Phase Mode and play around with the three frequency knobs. A little bit increasing the level can sound nice, but don’t overdo it.

Especially combined with a reverb, it’s a nice to give your sound slight stereo addition.

Cheers and have a great weekend.

A lot of producers these days are used to a mobile lifestyle. The device is :”Everything I need for production, fits in a little bag”. Although I am used to my headphones, I often ask myself how my mix will sound in different environments like a studio, a surround system or as a part of a bigger venue.

German manufacturer Beyerdynamic has the plugin to solve this questions – Virtual Studio

Check how to get the plugin for free and what it will do to your mix! (more…)


All the peeps, who met me in Berlin, know what I am talking about. My voice is totally gone, which is super frustrating as I met so many old friends and colleagues and had a hard time to talk. What means talk… I try, but my voice keeps fading away. That’s why Gary has to do this for me, at least here in Berlin. )


Check out the pic gallery of Gary’s adventures at the Radiodays Europe and get the newest tip for a free plugin from SoundToys, which has been rumored  amongst production guys we met there. (more…)

Black Friday, the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, is coming this weekend and plugin manufacturer Waves is celebrating and gives away One Knob Louder for FREE. (Andy’s Side Note: My friend James Stodd sent us the link and I think you should like his new FB page James Stodd Radio – Thanks for the heads up, mate!)

One Knob Louder, a combination of peak-limiting and low-level compression to make your mix stand out.

Check out the link and get yourself a little Christmas present before everyone else.

Waves Black Friday

Most Pro Tools users nowadays sure know AIR Plugins. A bunch of free plugins coming with every Pro Tools since version 8. They are often forgotten or replaced by other plugins of big named manufacturers, but they don’t need to hide from the big names.

A while ago, we had the AIR Kill EQ on this blog. Now it’s time for another fun tool – the AIR Filter Gate!

How this little Bad Boy works and why it’s a great tool for Dance Music Productions, check it out here. (more…)

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s now my 33rd week here at the Benztown studios, where I learn everything about radio, production and imaging.

With all the great EQs available, it’s hard to chose the right one, but sometimes you don’t need a subtle EQ. You just want to get rid of sections, you don’t want. That’s where you need the AIR Kill EQ, a Plugin that comes free with Pro Tools 8 & 9.

Like the name says, the AIR Kill EQ kills whole sections. That’s perfect it you want to get rid single parts of songs or loops if you want them to stand alone. The three buttons on the left kill certain frequencies, which you can determine in the ‘FREQ’ window. In the ‘GAIN’ window, you can (of course) gain single frequencies.

The AIR Kill EQ works great for beatmatching songs. By killing a section of the first song and replacing it with a single section of another song, you can create great remixes.

Choose a beat, put the AIR Kill EQ into the track. By using automation on the three kill buttons, you can quickly add and remove certain frequencies and bring them in just when you need the… only with one track

The ‘Sweep’ knob is a funny tool to play with. It controls the bandwidth on all of the bands. With automation, you can create some sweeping effects with no big effort.

The AIR Kill EQ is perfect for quick jobs without adjusting a lot of parameters and a really underestimated Plugin.

Remember Nic Kelly’s attempt to recreate Cosmonaut Voice with a plugIn chain. A great alternative for those, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on Cosmonaut Voice. My buddy Pascal from the Imaging Dogs posted his own alternative to Cosmonaut Voice in a comment.

A free plugIn called Spaceman

Pascal sent us a setting pic and demo audio to show the spaceman effects compared to Nic’s chain.

Check out the demo, the pic and get that outer space sound.