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Vari-Fi Studio One







In some of the last posts we showed our favourite additional composing DAW Studio One and some of its useful functions. This week we have two amazing visitors from the Benztown offices in L.A. – Justin “Imaging Ninja” Case and Shane “Guitar Hero” Drasin. While Justin and I are discussing Imaging, FX and VO chains – Shane is working with Oli and Konrad.


Shane works mostly with Pro Tools and Reason, but the guys over here show him our latest fav Studio One. No question he can create music, sound design and the next number 1 hit with a 4Track recorder, as long he has a guitar in his hands. He liked some of the features of Studio One and wants to give them a try in the future.  Konrad, who really became a fan of the presonus DAW, found a solution to outweigh one of the last deficits of Studio One –  It has Vari-Fi on board now. His method might be a bit unusual and does not create a real vinyl stop, but you can slow down audio in a minute, without 3rd party plug-ins…



First, we would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all those who played a part in the success of Iron Imager 2014. This includes (among many others) Dan Kelly, Brady Goodman, Jimmy Steal, Jake Kaplan, the folks at and A&R Worldwide, and all of those who entered the contest. Not to mention the incredible Benztown teams in Los Angeles and Stuttgart. Thank you!!!

When the day of the Iron Imager contest finally came, everything was in place at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood. Both Iron Imagers were ready, the belt was paraded around the convention hall, and the audience watched the following video. Then Benztown’s Justin Case took the stage to introduce the contenders and the contest began!


They had one hour to create a 30 second contest promo for a flyaway to the ACM Awards, using ingredients from Benztown’s 20 Imaging Libraries. In a true test of their professional abilities, the format chosen was Country.

Judges, ranked among the world’s top producers and programmers, were Justin Chase, VP of Programming, Beasley Broadcast Group; Jake Kaplan, Creative Services Director, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles; and Jimmy Steal, VP of Programming, Emmis National Digital Program Director/Power 106 Program Director. After an evening of deliberations and voting, the judges selected Dan Kelly as the 2014 Iron Imager. Kelly humbly accepted his custom-made championship belt from R Dub!, host of Sunday Night Slow Jams and Director of Programming for Jammin’ Z90 and Magic 92.5 San Diego. Kelly thanked the judges, and has agreed to return to Hollywood in 2015 for Iron Imager 4!

Benztown is making donations to the charity of each judge’s choice. The charity that Chase has chosen is Children’s Miracle Network; Kaplan’s chosen charity is The Trevor Project; and Steal’s charity of choice is the American Cancer Society.

Here are their final submissions:

Reverse Reverb

You all know how to create the legendary reverse reverb effect used in thousands of productions and imaging pieces around the globe. It is a cool effect and not hard to create, but there is several steps included – until ProTools 10. Jan discovered last week how easy it became to create the REVERSE REVERB with just one click! Insane, that we all have overlooked the small button on the right in True Verb f.e. …Maybe you have as well. :)… (more…)

It is a tradition on this blog. Every 6 month, Australian Imaging magician David Konsky serves us one of his famous mashups.

This year is halfway gone and once again, it’s a pleasure to bring DJ Konsky’s latest piece. A stunning mashup of this year’s hits… so far. Enjoy the video!

Check out some screenshots and extra info behind this masterpiece and a stripped down part of the beatmix, where David explains you how he made it. If you want to learn from one of the best – YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!


Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Modern Pop music industry is owned by a few labels, artists and producers out there, which create one hit after another. One of these few producers is Lukasz Gottwald a.k.a. Dr. Luke. He’s the man behind artists like Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Kesha, Britney Spears, B.O.B., Rihanna, Taio Cruz and many more. Some of the biggest hits of the last recent years were created in his studio and it doesn’t look like, he’s going to end it here.

As radio producers, it’s our goal to create work parts, which are as close as possible to the original sound of the music played, but how could a normal guy like me ever compete against the professionals with their years of experience and their big and expensive studios?

Like if someone was hearing my appeal for help, Shane Drasin, one extremely talented musician, composer and producer in our team, sent me over this over 70 minutes long video of Dr. Luke sharing his tricks and giving tips on music production. This video opened my eyes and showed my that it’s not all about having the most expensive equipment or plugins, it’s just about being creative and the right use of the tools you already have. I thought, denying this video of you would be a shame, so here it is, a 70 minutes Pop music crash course with one of the biggest in the game.

Thanks again for sharing this gem, Shane!

Cheers and have a great weekend.

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

One annoying task for me was slicing files on grid. Jumping from grid mark to the next grid mark and creating one cut after another shortly becomes a pain, but today I found another method!

I’m now using Pro Tools daily for over two years and I never found this option before. It’s to cool to not share it with you, so I made this video in which I’ll explain how to slice regions easily with a few clicks.


(click the Vimeo symbol to watch the video in HD)

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Modern Dance music lives from its fat basses. The most common one is the Saw Bass, a sound which is a must-have in the arsenal of every Dance Music Producer. Today, I’m going to show you how to create these Saw Basses with my favorite Synth Plugin, NI’s Massive.

Below’s a quick tutorial on how to create the most common bass in Dance music. Spice up your Loops with some Dance basses.

(Tip: for best quality, watch the video directly on Vimeo by pressing the Vimeo button)

Of course, there are several ways to create good saw basses. This is just one way to do it. Feel free to play around and change settings from my preset.

Cheers and have a great one.

I’m pretty excited to show you the following teaser for our upcoming ‘What Is Benztown’ video.

Kevin Horton – Imaging & Production Director for our Jack format library and the Melissa Etheridge Radio Show taught himself to film and using Final Cut and here’s a first preview before the final video airs. Kevin’s video skills will be getting better and this first piece shows, that no matter what you want to do can work, if you are motivated, interested and willing to learn.

This one’s a pretty cool feature which will improve your workflow and speed in a quantum way.

Imagine, you’re just creating a new track in a session and  now you have the great option to create preset tracks, means tracks that already have the right plugins, routing, instruments, etc.

Create instantly preset tracks in a session without copying them from your templates or other sessions.

Check the video and try it on your own. From Pro Tools Version 10, this trick is possible.

KC Styles is a very active member of our Benz Blog community and also a great Imaging diretor.  He was so kind to share the following video by  CTV in Calgary. Learn more about KC’s studio, his life and his work. If you’re interested in joining one of KC’s volunteer projects, feel free to drop your conatct data below or send an email to