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After about 20 years in radio full-time, I’ve been working as a director of video productions for a manufacturing company in Kansas City for the last few years. I have clients I do imaging for as a freelancer on a consistent basis as well as working with my “home station,” KZPT-FM 997 the Point in Kansas City, where I’m also on-air as a weekend/fill-in jock.
I’d also like to mention how much I love this “Iron Imager” contest. I’d like to thank Benztown for making it happen. I’d like to thank Dan Kelly and the other champs for being involved and bringing a large amount of credibility to this event. The trip to LA and the chance to share the stage with Dan, catch some hang time with the Benztown Team is a prize in itself! If this brings me new opportunities, that’s just icing on the cake. This experience has easily been one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in my radio career.
I love you, radio.
Love, Brady

PS: I’m on twitter, @bradygoodman, and I’m always open to new opportunities

Check out the interview with Brady: (more…)

Presets4Presents - Dan & James

Today is the third day of our contest and I got some nice presets from Dan and James. Dan is the mastermind behind benztown Rock and James oversees the Classic Rock format Avalanche. Both have the black belt in Imaging and are ProTools Veterans.

Check out their screen caps and save them to emulate their massive sound! Sadly as they are team members, they can’t win one of our awesome prizes: (more…)


All our Christmas contests have been a great success and after 2011 and last years “create the Best Gary Promo”,  the 2013 contest will be:

Presets 4 Presents!

This year we have some new awesome prizes that you definitely don’t want to miss.

  • Personally autographed copy of Joe Cipriano’s book, Living On Air: Adventures in Broadcasting [NEW]
  • A featured tile (bottom-left graphic) on the home page for 1 month [NEW]
  • FameFX sound FX package : Andy’s & Oli’s outstanding Imaging FX library, heard on stations like 2DayFM, Sydney, WPLJ, New York, Funradio, Paris, and many more. Get  over 450 production FX for free!
  • Your own spot in our ad on the VO/Imaging page for 1 month
  • A 30minute Q & A with the Imaging Icon and 2013 Iron Imager Dan Kelly /WPLJ.
  • A Station Promo read by benztown CHR Voice Over Talent Harry Legg  (Sidenote from Andy: Go check Harry’s massive Portfolio here)
  • Former BBC 1 & 1xtra head of Sound Design Dan Mumford will show you in a face-to-face Skype session how to build your own Killer FX [NEW]

All you have to do is send us a screen cap of your favorite plugin preset, no matter what DAW you are using and what voice effect, instrument or other purpose it is made for (send to No matter it is a preset for a compressor, EQ, limiter, modulation effect or else…only rule is: The preset must be entirely YOUR OWN!  Whatever you like and whatever sounds awesome. Best case you add an audio file to showcase the sound to the blog community. (Sidenote from Andy: This will increase your chances of winning.)

Please send your entry to by December 19th at 12 noon PST. On the 20th we will upload a poll to have all the blog readers vote for their favorite preset. On Tuesday the 24th, we will close the poll and announce the winner on the Monday the 30th. (The winner picks the the first prize and so on….)


What a weekend! LA, sunshine and high class imaging!

At this year’s AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit, Dan Kelly and reigning contestant Paul Duffy proved their skills in an epic battle of imaging skills. 60 minutes – 100 Ingredients – one winner!

First of all, thanks to both Paul Duffy and Dan Kelly to serve us this spectacular final.

The rules were simple: Create a 30 second music Promo in one hour! Now, here’s the turn: Our finalists had to do an Alternative format Promo, so this was new for both of our finalists. A format outside their comfort zone.

This year’s judges (Ken Benson, President, SparkNet Research & Consulting; Louie Diaz, Program Director, Alpha Broadcasting/Portland; and Trevor Shand, Imaging Producer & Writer for Rogers Broadcasting/Canada and KROQ/Los Angeles) had a hard time making a decision, but after a night of analyzing the pieces and voted for Dan Kelly as the winner.

He received $1,000 cash and the most prestigious title in Radio Imaging of The Iron Imager 2013.

Check out the guys’ final Promos and some great shots from the event! (more…)

My buddy Brian “Sludge” Haddad was in the Iron Imager Finals last year. It was close, but finally he lost in a 2:1 split decision against the reigning champ Paul Duffy. Sludge is a great guy  and a lot of you might know him from the Philly market as an On Air presenter and Imaging Guy. Now, Dan Kelly, the contender of this years Iron Imager gets ready to rock  – the perfect reason to ask Sluge how it felt to be there, how to win against Duffy and how to rock LA.

Enter Sludge: (more…)

Our challenger for this year’s Iron Imager contest is ready! WPLJ‘s imaging director Dan Kelly will face Paul Duffy May 4th at this year’s AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit. We had the chance to speak to him while he prepares for the flight to LA and the upcoming contest. Check out Dan’s strategy for the contest, his plans for LA and some audio. Next stop: Los Angeles! (more…)


Our jury was blown away by the impressive imaging skills of our contestants for Iron Imager 2013.  Thanks to all of you guys for submitting your great imaging to us. It was a great experience to hear so many people getting creative with the Benztown work parts. (Side Note from Andy: Especially to me, it was a pleasure to see how awesome the stuff works, we craft here everyday)

It was a hard decision and the voting was really really close, but finally we’re proud to present this year’s challenger – WPLJ’s Imaging Guru, Dan Kelly!

Dan is going to LA and will face the reigning champion, Paul Duffy in an epic imaging battle at this year’s AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit. On Saturday, the 4th noon time, we will know who will be crowned Iron Imager 2013!

To get you in the mood for some upcoming imaging contest action, here are the submissions of our three top contestants:

  • 2nd Runner-up: Dan Hunt, Nova919, Adelaide, AUS

Now, it’s your turn to be the jury! What do you think about the guys’ imaging? Did our jury do a good job or do you have a different opinion?


B) Have a listen and tell us what you think about the best 3 pieces – get specific!

What do you think about the  production techniques used?

How creative / good was the creative scriptwriting?

What did you like about the Voice Over / The VO compression, Eq-ing etc.?

Comments and mails are welcome.

All the submissions have arrived, the jury is now choosing the contestant for the Finals. Who will be the NEW Iron Imager? Are your ready for the most prestigious title in radio imaging? One talented producer will have the chance to compete against reigning Iron Imager Paul Duffy. We had the luck to steal a bit of his time during his training for the contest and managed to get insight into his secret training routine :)….It is very Irish!

Check out the interview, some inspirational audio and some Irish Imaging wisdom from the Iron Imager himself – Enter Paul Duffy! (more…)

Iron Imager Contestants Map

No, this map does not show a list of some of my ex girlfriends, this list is showing the impact of our Iron Imager contest. Producers and radio imaging directors from all over the world are entering this contest to fight for $1,000 cash and the crown of the Iron Imager 2013. Every pin is a submission and a possible finalist for the AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit in LA.

Time to get your pin on the map!

Today’s the LAST opportunity to enter your submission! Get all the details here, download the ingredients pack, send us some delicious imaging and go to LA!

Check out if your neighbors are running for the Iron Imager title as well and discover where this year’s possible winner might come from.

View Iron Imager Contestants in a full screen map

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

This is it! The trophy of the Iron Imager, the most prestigious title in radio production!

Once again, competitors from all over the world will fight for this title and $1,000 in cash. Check here to learn more.

Like last Christmas, us guys over there in Stuttgart take the challenge and create the same TOH element with the same ingredients like all the other competitors.

Stuttgart’s youngsters, Jan, myself and Oli S. also created our own Iron Imager entries. Too bad, we can’t enter the contest (I guess, because the jury would vote for us because of our handsomeness and not only for our imaging ;)), but we don’t want to deprive you of these elements, so here they are!
Check our entries and let us know which one you likes most. (more…)