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Finland, the land of polar bears, wodka, ice and snow :)…and excellent radio imaging.

This year’s 24th “Radio and Production Awards” were announced at the end of march and as always a lot of talented people took the challenge and participated. I am very happy to share an interview with one of the contestants and 2nd Runner Up for Large Market Promo : Heikki Wichman from Finland. Heikki is a great guy who has been doing radio imaging for commercial radio in Finland since 1997. He has been working for many stations like U103, Sävelradio, Radio Nova, Nostalgia and NRJ. For the work below on the “Energy Extravadance Show” in 2013, he earned the 2nd runner-up in the category  “Large Market Promo” on this year’s “Radio and Production Awards” and I am thrilled he took some time to answer my questions.


Reverb Depth

Talented mixing engineers use various dimensions to place their sounds. They find the right place for each and every element in the frequency range and stereo spectrum to avoid clashing sounds and to create a nice full mix.

Instead of just focusing on left and right, it’s time to go deeper… literally. To soften sharp sounds or to create little accents, engineers also use the depth to change how close or how far a sound is away from the listener. Especially, when you’re creating full scenes or working on a radio play, this trick adds that little bit of detail and realism.

Simply use a reverb on the sound you want to place far away. Find a setting you like and then start turning down the original signal, without turning down the reverb signal. The sound will become more and more distant and will feel like far away from you. Most reverbs have a dry/wet mix fader or knob, so you can place your reverb directly on the sound where you need it. Try to find the right balance between original and reverb signal to decide, how distant it will sound.

Another dimension to be creative with and a simple way to add depth and details.

A gated reverb is a technique to create thick snares, without cluttering your sound negatively with a long reverb tail.

This sound was made very popular in the 80’s. I guess, we all remember this classic track from Phil Collins, a perfect example for gated reverb in music production.

Over the years, this sound has been produced and used and now it’s time to revitalise this technique and integrate it in on your own production.

This technique can be done in any DAW. All you need is a reverb and a gate. (more…)

Oli is Mister PlugIn. Checking out almost any new sh*t makes me freak out sometimes, because his wish list is massive  – all the time. Sometimes I think, beside tons of beer, wine and food his love is plugIns, instruments and making Noise. Best performance time : Late Night!

Today he will show you his latest ONS or maybe it is a little more like that, because Oli was using Altiverb big times years ago and recently he is restarting his affair with it. Why…I let him explain…

Altiverb comes with tons of presets of any imaginable music rooms, areas and gear emulations. The biggest  and most famous concert halls of this world like the LA Philharmonic, the Konzerthaus in Vienna and the Sydney Opera House. Recording studios like Sound on Sound Studio in Manhattan, Hansa Studios in Berlin and Frank Zappa’s personal recording studio and echo room. Different churches all over the world from Spain over Norway to France and Sweden. Big stadiums like the TUI arena in Hannover, Germany or the Antwerp Sports Stadium in Belgium. Bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, train stations,  steel pipes, warehouses, cockpits, cars… Altiverb has it all.

Friends of outboard gear will love Altiverb. Emulations for classics like the Lexicon L480, the Roland Space Echo, the EMT 250 Digital Reverb and tons of others.

Here’s a short vocal file as dry version.

And now hear Altiverb doing some magic: (more…)

To find the right Reverb can be tough sometimes. It is either you don’t have the right one on board or you have to many choices? I try to experiment and use different Reverbs with different environments, instruments and production needs.  Like you know, we are always interested in your opinion to address our content even better and get your input to share it with the community. The great participation rate on questions make the blog really vital and much more effective for all users. Please comment:

1.Which is your favorite Reverb and why?

2.What do you like better PlugIn or Outboard?

3.Which Reverb do you use for Vocal treatment?

4.Which Reverb you like most for radio Imaging?

I love the Arts Acoustic Reverb, but there is also the old outboard stuff I really dig like the Lexicon 480 L, which is still state of the art in many studios.

Not long ago a close friend hit me up with an new plugIN. “Another reverb? Do I really need that?” I got almost any available and well know reverb on my production system or as outboard gear. So…His answer was clear – “Try it and i promise : you will love it!” Thats what you always hear with new software, plugINs or even girls.  The next day I got 5 minutes off and installed it. One of the best 5 minutes I ever spent. Today I use it in almost any session or template. WHY? Because the artsacoustic reverb is just a great plugIN. The sound is incredible, the  features, options and presets are huge,  almost any parameter can be changed easily and as a VST / AU / UB it works with any production system,  no matter if MAC or Windows related.  I often use this reverb to create stunning vocal FX, just check out how it sounds on the official demos or download the demo version and test it right away. check the images