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Discover how this awesome piece of imaging was made, learn from one of the best CHR Imaging directors on the planet in a spceial and private Q & A. Boost your skillset to a whole new leve!

Guys, only a few hours left to win one of the amzing prizes for this year’s Benztown XMAS Contest. It just needs you 3 minutes and you’ll get an unbelievable Imaging FX package for free or a Q & A with David Konsky, Mike Santos or Oli from Benztown + other great prizes like a blog post, where I promote your work to thousends etc…That been said….here you go

Send your best piece of 2011 and make a great start for yourself in 2012

The mass decides!



Christmas is coming up and Benztown says thanks for an unbelievable year with the 2011 Version of our  Xmas Contest. We are hooking you up with awesome prizes and it will need you not even 3 minutes getting your hands on it. Ever wanted FAME FX on your station and budget is tight? Have imaging icons answers answer your questions in a personal Q&A and much more…ENTER the Benztown XMAS CONTEST 2011: (more…)

He recently won the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs voting. He’s on tour all over the world in the biggest clubs. Every track he works on, becomes a worldwide chart hit. He’s the most popular and successful DJ/Producer in Pop and Electronic Music at the moment. You know who I am talking about ….who’s that b****….Yeah. David Guetta!

Today, me and Oli my partner and head of composing at Benztown, show you how to create pumping beats like David Guetta. All you need is a compressor that is able to sidechain. Enter The Sidechain Prince Pt.2!

David Guetta Beats for your production! Check David’s personalized Benztown Intro :).

Oli is Mister PlugIn. Checking out almost any new sh*t makes me freak out sometimes, because his wish list is massive  – all the time. Sometimes I think, beside tons of beer, wine and food his love is plugIns, instruments and making Noise. Best performance time : Late Night!

Today he will show you his latest ONS or maybe it is a little more like that, because Oli was using Altiverb big times years ago and recently he is restarting his affair with it. Why…I let him explain…

Altiverb comes with tons of presets of any imaginable music rooms, areas and gear emulations. The biggest  and most famous concert halls of this world like the LA Philharmonic, the Konzerthaus in Vienna and the Sydney Opera House. Recording studios like Sound on Sound Studio in Manhattan, Hansa Studios in Berlin and Frank Zappa’s personal recording studio and echo room. Different churches all over the world from Spain over Norway to France and Sweden. Big stadiums like the TUI arena in Hannover, Germany or the Antwerp Sports Stadium in Belgium. Bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, train stations,  steel pipes, warehouses, cockpits, cars… Altiverb has it all.

Friends of outboard gear will love Altiverb. Emulations for classics like the Lexicon L480, the Roland Space Echo, the EMT 250 Digital Reverb and tons of others.

Here’s a short vocal file as dry version.

And now hear Altiverb doing some magic: (more…)

Hey guys, today I am writing you from the other side of the pond. I am back in L.A. for the next two weeks. My schedule is packed and we will work on several really interesting and challenging projects and catch up with the Benztown crew there. What does that mean for you….you will get great posts as ever + additional stuff right from hottest city in the world – Los Angeles. Did I mention the new Airbus is freaking great :)…

Read more about the Sound Design for the upcoming Melissa Etheridge Show, check the brand new demo, get the news on Benztown going Jack and discover who I am gonna interview, which upcoming pop star I will meet and why I won’t become the prince of Bel Air. (more…)

Picking the right VO talent is always tough and absolutely subjective to each one of us, but crucial for your on-air branding and station imaging. The rigtht Voice can be key to success and great brand building. Voice Auditions can cause big discussions, but they are always fun to do for me. After years in the business I still love listening to the stars and the upcoming talents interpreting the Call Letters of our clients and then dicsuss back and forth which one sounds best for that spcific project or station and match the crucial criterias of every imaging guy (or at least you should think about those criterias before finally hiring a VO guy). Every one has his own rank here….mine is:

– availability and communcitaion

– audio quality

– turn around time

– flexibility

and at least budget!

read about my favourite VO guys + the benztown crew’s favourites and check out the documentation about the greatest voice talents ever

Power Intros, Beatmixes, sung Song Intros, Brandings, Ramp Edits no matter how you call it, you know what I am talking about. In my opinion still one of the supreme disciplines in Imaging. Why? Because it is one of the technically most difficult Imaging pieces to do having a massive impact on your on-air branding the same time. Integrating the acoustic ID as sung vocals or instrumental line in the song you might be alligned with a few difficulties… the right tempo… the right key and the right position. It was a little over used and sometimes done bad, so a lot of stations stopped doing it, but checking the client requests we got in the last months I think it will become more popular, especially in the no stop, no break PPM culture.

One of my guys at Benztown, Oli, is the Dr No of Power Intros here at Benztown. In his career he has branded more songs with sung vocals than any other guy I know and compared to other guys he is able to do it for any format, any song and any acoustic ID.  Check out the stuff he cutted for you as demo pieces. Please tell us what you think about Power Intros. Would they work on your station, in your market?


What do Vic Firth, James Dyson and Oli from benztown all have in common? They all build and create elements they need on their own.
4 years ago Oli had the feeling he never got the right Sound Design Work Parts and Imaging FX he was looking for on the CD or Online libraries he was purchasing. So he taught himself to create outstanding Imaging FX. He experimented a lot, bought some synth gear, trieda drum sampler, loaded them with shiploads of stuff and f**** around with it. By doing this everyday day he created a huge archive for benztown, which fits his own needs better than any product around.
Learn to scratch your own itch, make your production sound better, save time and improve yourself with this easy 5 minute 3 step workout.