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Benztown Halloween Madness 1

It’s that scary time of year again and this time we’ll bring you the full benztown Halloween Madness in three blood-curdling parts!

First up is Mr. Jan “JB” Brückner with a shure shot pro tools trick if you want to bring a spooky halloween VO to a funky Classic Hits Promo (or any other production). By the way, since being “our newcomer” last winter, Jan became a great imaging talent who produces for a lot of the benztown formats like Classic Hits and SpeakertToyz AC!

Jan uses Serato Pitch-N-Time and Waves Doubler to create a freaky, creeps giving voice effect. Check how it sounds:

And that’s how to do it: (more…)

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s now my 39th week at the Benztown Studios. Since 39 weeks, I’m learning everything about radio imaging and production.

Today, I’m showing you a cool trick to spice your imaging, especially when it comes to Urban.

One of the key elements of Old School Hip Hop is turnablism, means playing around with the records you have, to create new stuff. The essential techniques of turntablism are Beatjuggling and Scratching.

After covering Beatjuggling, I’m covering some Scratching effects and techniques.

Scratching effects on VO perfectly match Old School like Urban songs and make it flow with the rest of the imaging.

My favorites for scratching are Vari-Fi and Pitch N Time. Slice single parts of your VO, reverse them, duplicate them and then add some pitch changes. Slow it down, speed it up or do both in one sample – you can do this with Pitch N Time.

By using the grid mode, you can scratch perfectly with the beat.

Check out a little example, I created by using Reverse, Vari-Fi & Pitch N Time on Don Amiche, our VO for Benztown Urban.

Of course, that’s just one option for scratching. Try to scratch your listeners, voice samples, single percussion elements or FX.

Hi guys it’s Andre.

It’s now my 27th week as volunteer at Bentztown Studios in Stuttgart.

Do you know what really sucks being an Old School DJ still using vinyl? It’s not the exorbitant prices for vinyl, the heavy cases you have to move to every gig, buying new needles from time to time, it’s recording. Once you f**k up a transition in a record, you have to start the whole freaking recording session, which can be a total pain if you mess up the last transition in a 2 hour session. That’s why a lot of studio mixes are done in Pro Tools. You can restart anywhere in the mix, you want. I’ve tried the same and here’s the result:

It’s just a small sample to show it.

You don’t need to be a DJ to create smooth transitions in Pro Tools. It takes you a few minutes, so let me show you: (more…)

While I was in LA, I had the honor to meet Jake Kaplan in the CBS studios in Culver City, home of AMP, the legendary KROQ , and Jack FM. Jake is the head of Imaging for AMP and an incredible talented imaging guy with an exact vision for his station. Before he was creating magic for AMP Jake used to be the head of Imaging for the world famous KROQ and Jack FM LA.  This Rock influence and more rougher style is recognizable on his productions for AMP as well, beacuse it is not the typcial CHR or KISS clone.Inspiring stuff!

Read the inspiring interview, check the screen caps of Jake’s favourite plugIns and listen to his great imaging pieces for AMP. (more…)

More and more fancy plugINs with almost umlimited options and possibilities come our way and I am really happy about that, because I love using them a lot. My sessions are packed and I test whatever I can download as a demo. But there is also an unlimited rescource of great audio suite options and tricks we all used years ago or still using in particular situations. Since a few days, after opening an old session, I started to do a lot of audio suite layering and processing – again. And sure thing I played around with the audio suite tricks and added some Insert plugIns to the track. SO back to the good old days! Check out the screenshots and my detailed explanation of bpm related delay layering.


In my 5 minute work out excercise a few weeks ago, I promised you to show you how to do the best Pitch and Time Compression Effects in the world using Serato Pitch’n’Time. I even promised to do a second Part using ProTools 8 and elastic Audio and guess what : I was lying. My partner Oli did it and it is unbelievable easy to do and understand. This is your exercise for today : Watch the video and play around with it in your daily environment.

[Vimeo 17117079]

New Worlds are discovered by walking a new path.

ASK yourself WHY NOT to freak out and do some crazy stuff f.e. with your Voice Over. Check this out and send us your feedback!

experiment time not longer than 5 minutes

The daily work out will be a plugIN based 5 minute exercise for unbelievable Pitch’n’Time Sound. Especially if you are into beatmixing or love Pitch- / Time Compression Effects on the Voice or Music you should definetly check out or (I bet you already did) check again Pitch’n’Time from Serato. One of the best tools to create really stunning Effects like Speed Ups, Slow Downs, Beatmatching, Beatmixing etc….