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Every one of us remembers exactly, where he was in that particular moment, when he first saw this unreal pictures on TV. The attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon shocked the entire world.
Last year we had an incredible dedication piece of audio done by Paul Armstrong remembering that day in September.  This year we remember the heroes, the victims and honor their legacy with a dedication mashup from various benztown formats including work from Justin Case, Chris Davis, James Stodd, Jan Brückner, Dan Kelly, Adam Venton, Dan Gustaffson and myself.

9/11 – a day that gained sad popularity in the minds of us all. Eleven years have passed since the terrible terroristic attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, but we still have the horrible pictures in our minds. Everybody of us knows exactly, what we have done this day, what we felt, the minute we saw the pictures on all TV channels.

In the world of modern radio imaging, where it’s all about speed, ppm, power and excitement, this topic seems not a match. No big effects, no pumping beats this time – it’s just about the message.

Last year we received some great 9/11 imaging last year from talents like Dave Foxx, David Konsky, John Masecar, Sidey and more.

This year, we have a special piece from a world-class imaging talent. multi Sony and ALL ACCESS Awards winner and Benztown imaging director Paul Armstrong. Check out his remarkable piece. THIS IS EPIC!

Read Paul’s thoughts about 9/11 and his approach to this difficult  and sensitive topic + check his screen caps and learn more. (more…)

Benztown’s latest CHR fomat is called CLIQUE  and done by my mate Paul Armstrong from London. Paul’s Alternative background makes this CHR library very different from Benztown CHR, (Andy: which I still do) and all other competitors out there. That difference is, what I personally prefer and hired Paul for, instead of having the NEXT CHR library. Personality in Imaging is key to me, as you can hear it as a massive difference on-air. If your station should sound unique, nasty and massive….this is your one stop shop. CLIQUE is your library!

Check Paul’s incredible work, voiced by Mikey Muscatello, get inspired and leave me comment. How do you like the alternative influences, VO processing etc, music editing…? What stations would this sound fit to ?

Maybe you heard already about this years nominees for the category International Imaging on Radio Summit on 27th and 28th of April this year. It is a true honor to get nominated, because you are getting picked by the jury and can’t submit production examples to influence the process. Anyhow, I am really proud of my three mates and to be honest in my opinion the jury picked the right guys. KonskyArmstrong and Matt Nikolic are the influencers of an entire community of upcoming imaging guys and have basically become THE NEW superstars of IMAGING together with people like Michael Sideshow etc. I was able tow work a lot with two of them. Both Paul and David being part of the Benztown team is awesome and i can’t tell who I like more, cause their style and work is really diverse as well as the formats they do. Konsky working form and in Oz, rocking 2day FM and being together with me the Imaging guy for Benztown CHR and Paul, being the guy coming from a more alternative background and now doing a lot of freelance work for various formats, shows and stations. Paul is last years winner and we will see, if he can be the reigning champion again. I think itll be a tough race, because Konsky is an unbelievable talented guy, supporting a lot of people all over the globe with direct consultation. To me, Konsky is CHR in its purest form.

However the decision will be….It’ll be an awesome talent winning this year. Go here and vote for your favourite:

I interviewed both guys for you and here is what they had to say about the award, plugIns, imaging, tricks…Also check their outstanding audio! (more…)

This week I had the great pleasure to catch up with my friend and Imaging Legend Paul Armstrong. Paul gave me a great London tour and we had the chance to hang out for a few hours in his office to discuss about imaging techniques, script writing and further development of Benztown in the UK. (More to come guys, I promise!) Check out the video, my London pic gallery, hear Paul’s most recent Halloween Imaging  for Benz HotAC + his latest project IMPORT / EXPORT (an awesome radio show project from Ian Camfield / XFM and Kate Corbett / KROQ) (more…)

YOU ARE Rockstars……And I say this from the bottom of my heart. Without you and your suppport, the blog would not be possible! August was our biggest blog month ever and Andre and I want to thank all of you guys for creating something remarkable together and developing a place, imaging guys can go to learn, chat,  share and get inspired! When I started that almost a year ago, I never had a clue that this baby would grow so fast and get so massive! I am proud of every single post, the unbelievable personal stories and the great new connections and relations around the globe for all of us.  I am proud of you!

Thanks for sharing all your tricks, infos, ideas and wisdom. Thanks for your incredible talent, your time, effort, pics, screen caps, videos, audio, posts, comments and and and….We can make the imaging world better, increase the overall quality and develop new talents in our world.

Let’s keep on rocking!

Andy & Andre

Please post your personal blog experience below as a comment or send me an email to Can’t wait to hear your connects and stories!

Today Fabi our skateboard loving Rock Imaging Director will show you how to handle extremely complicated music cuts proper by producing a Monster ROCK branding using a FILTER Automation. You can use the same technique also while creating beatmixes, promos or anything where you need to cut music and it is a challenging task to do this proper. Paul Armstrong, the multi Sony Award Winner and legendary producer of XFM in London + benztown HotAC Imaging Director introduced this technique to Fabi. Since this day, Fabi is a real fan and wants to share his favorite trick with you. Check it out and see how the magic works :)….THE FILTER STRIKES BACK ! Today…

To hear more of Fabi’s powerful Rock Imaging click here!


Sure you remember Paul Armstrong , our HotAC imaging director and former Head of Imaging for XFM in London. He is the award collector in our team, incredible talented and smart. Recently Paul added this baby.

While the radio summit, Paul stayed in Thailand and had a free business flight there. Check Paul’s latest audio, read what he is up to next and explore how he got upgraded for free. (more…)

The first Worldwide radio Summit Awards are scheduled for April 28th-30th at the W Hotel in Hollywood and I am really honored to present you 3 true friends and Imaging guys of the Benztown crew being nominated for VO/Imaging & Production. Ryan and Paul have been feartured on the blog already and are really incredible talented Imaging guys.

Nominated domestically: Ryan Drean our Country Imaging Director, Imaging Director of KSCS in Dallas and founder of the blog Ryan on the radio. You also know Ryan from his great video tutorials here on the blog.

other nominees are (and you see Ryan is in good company):

Jake Kaplan – KAMP, KROQ – Los Angeles, Josh Ross – WBBM – Chicago, Kelly Doherty – Kelly Kelly Kelly – KIIS – Los Angeles

Also Nominated domestically (part of the benztown VO group and an incredible talent) : Matt Anthony Digital Sound and Video.

Nominated Internationally: Paul Armstrong. Paul is part of the world famous internatinal Imaging task Force, benztownimaginggroup (listen to Paul’s XFM Demo here), multi award winner and founder of the company Redefined Media.

Why this guys should win? check out the all access link and vote


    As a reaction to my first post one of the closest friends in the business and an outstanding Imaging Directors buzzed me. Guys,  meet Paul Armstrong, UKs young gun and of THE Imaging Producer these days. Today Paul runs his own business and is a frequent business traveller. He answers the most asked question about his work and gives you a 20 minutes inspiration and overview of his award winning work for XFM in London – absolutly for free.

    Read Pauls Email below and please also check out Paul’s statement about benztown. (more…)