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Most of you guys might remember Gavan Bruderer from some older posts we did over the years about his experiences with Fame FX and radio imaging in general. He is a talented bloke and currently works for Clear Channel imaging Z100 Portland, as well as he is taking care of the commercial workload directly in Salt Lake City, where he is based + he does some startup packages for new stations that Clear Channel launches.

We often talk about Pro Tools on this blog too, but a lot of guys use Adobe Audition out there and Gavan decided to give those people a chance for asking questions and sharing ideas about the DAW. Therefore Gavan launched A Facebook page where all the producers using Adobe Audition can ask questions, share feedback and connect with official Adobe Members to discuss Audition. Gavan told us that there are a ton of Pro Tools groups out there, but he never found any about Adobe Audition that specifically targets radio producers.




So if any of you guys out there are logged into Facebook and you are interested in Adobe Audition give Gavan a thumbs up RIGHT HERE!



Hey guys, it’s time for a brand new feature about one of the most talented pals our there:

My buddy Jake Kaplan, imaging director at AMP Radio, LA. Jake sent me some of his recent imaging pieces. To me his style is really unique and far away from the Standard CHR sound. Not too much stuttering, beatmatching etc. Grab some serious inspiration and let us know which was your favorite piece of imaging this summer?!

Get more of Jake’s imaging from this summer here.

Hey Guys, happy thursday! This is gonna be a quick on, more fb like:

What do you want?

This is my gear porn for today! I WANT THAT – BAD!

Please post links, gear porn suggestions and things you want badly  – in the comment section!


I remember meeting Drake Donovan back at Conclave 2012. He’s a multi-format imaging director and VO artist and also a passionate blogger colleague. I stumbled over one of his posts and would like to share it with you as my latest useful link.

Drake relieves his secret of getting outstanding, honest and valuable listener audio, so-called ‘digital gold’.

Check out how Drake gets real sounding people on the mic with a few clever conversation tricks.

Mining for digital gold.

Thanks to Drake for sharing his knowledge and tricks with us and now go mine some digital gold!


Shortcuts Overview

THE BEST useful link and you are about to discover it! Imagine ALL Pro Tools shortcuts collected in a simple online library with search function and even a keyboard view with highlighted shortcut buttons.

Enter www.protoolskeyboardshortcuts.comchose your Pro Tools version and browse through all the shortcuts, Pro Tools has to offer. The shortcuts are sorted in various categories and direct search enables looking for particular commands and short you might not even know yet.

Shortcuts Categories

A pretty handy tool for every Pro Tools user. I think, I might get over this list and get a shortcuts update for myself.

Hi guys, it’s Andy.

Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson and more — they all rely on the experienced ear of mixing engineer Dave Pensado. He mixed an unbelievable amount of top hits through his career and now, he’s sharing his long time experience and knowledge on his own Youtube channel – Pensado’s Place

Dave talks about common mixing mistakes, how to avoid them and often he invites various well-known producers and engineers from different styles and genres. He already taught, that less is more when it comes to mixing, how to use effects simple and wisely and that you don’t need fancy or expensive gear to create good mixes.

Watch the promo reel, give it a try and get taught by one of the big players in the game.This is a useful links special and I heavily recommend it for every one doing imaging, music or any kind of production.

A lot of producers these days are used to a mobile lifestyle. The device is :”Everything I need for production, fits in a little bag”. Although I am used to my headphones, I often ask myself how my mix will sound in different environments like a studio, a surround system or as a part of a bigger venue.

German manufacturer Beyerdynamic has the plugin to solve this questions – Virtual Studio

Check how to get the plugin for free and what it will do to your mix! (more…)

Hi guys it’s Andre,

Working in audio and multimedia will confront you with various file formats for any kind of audio and video from various DAWs, video editing and many different other kinds of software. AIFF, APE,  WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG, etc… Not every format matches any kind of software and often you need expensive codec convert software for the various formats. Here’s the free Mac only alternative for audio codecs – All2MP3. 

The name explains it perfectly: convert any audio file into mp3 or extract the audio as mp3 from a video. Drag your file (or files) into the window, choose quality and file path and let All2MP3 do the rest.

Get the FREE download link here:

(I’m running 10.7.5 on my Mac and All2MP3 works perfectly)

A simple alternative to expensive converters and perfect for guys who are handing a lot of file formats and just need them as playable format on their Mac.

Cheers and have a great one,


Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Modern Pop music industry is owned by a few labels, artists and producers out there, which create one hit after another. One of these few producers is Lukasz Gottwald a.k.a. Dr. Luke. He’s the man behind artists like Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Kesha, Britney Spears, B.O.B., Rihanna, Taio Cruz and many more. Some of the biggest hits of the last recent years were created in his studio and it doesn’t look like, he’s going to end it here.

As radio producers, it’s our goal to create work parts, which are as close as possible to the original sound of the music played, but how could a normal guy like me ever compete against the professionals with their years of experience and their big and expensive studios?

Like if someone was hearing my appeal for help, Shane Drasin, one extremely talented musician, composer and producer in our team, sent me over this over 70 minutes long video of Dr. Luke sharing his tricks and giving tips on music production. This video opened my eyes and showed my that it’s not all about having the most expensive equipment or plugins, it’s just about being creative and the right use of the tools you already have. I thought, denying this video of you would be a shame, so here it is, a 70 minutes Pop music crash course with one of the biggest in the game.

Thanks again for sharing this gem, Shane!

Cheers and have a great weekend.

protools sessions - tips n tricks 2

Perfectly folding a shirt in one second, speaking Chinese or even how to cook a giraffe, there’s nothing that isn’t already explained on the Internet. Audio production has become so much more achievable with the new softwares and every beginner, advanced and pro can find his own teachers online.

As one of the few radio imaging blogs out there, we also want to reach and connect with as many producers as possible and also offer various Pro Tools tutorials, tips and techniques, but there are also Pro Tools only blogs out there, mostly specialized on music production, engineering and recording.

In this episode of ‘Useful Links’, we want to share our personal favorite Pro Tools blogs. (more…)