Benztown Branding is an international radio imaging, production library, and voice-over services company with over 1,000 affiliations on six different continents.  With offices and studios in Los Angeles, New York, and Stuttgart, Benztown Branding offers the highest quality imaging workparts for eighteen libraries across thirteen formats including AC, Hot AC, CHR, Country, Urban, Rhythmic, Classic Hits, Rock, News/Talk/Sports, and JACK.  Benztown Branding also provides custom voice-over and imaging services across all formats.


Benztown Branding International was founded in 2008 by Oliver Klenk, Andreas Sannemann, Zeljko Lopicic-Lepierre and Dave “Chachi” Denes. Benztown Branding USA launched domestically a year later, adding partner Wade Denes, along with Masa Patterson, Harry Legg, and Steve Reisig as shareholders. In 2011, the Benztown companies expanded again, with Benztown Radio Networks forming as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hollywood Radio Networks. Principals in Benztown Radio Networks include Dave “Chachi” Denes, George Woolverton, Andreas Sannemann, Heather Case, Masa Patterson, Leopold Investment LP, and Benztown USA, LLC.


Stuttgart, home to our European Studios and the inspiration for our company name “Benztown” is famous for manufacturing the highest quality automobiles in the world: Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Just like the city, Benztown Branding and its subsidiaries stand for quality, innovation and service.

Radio Services

Benztown Branding

The “Most Powerful Production Libraries in the World” are offered in nine formats: Hot AC, CHR, Urban, Rhythmic, AC, Rock, Classic Rock, Country, NTS, Classic Hits and Jack. Each has 12 weekly updated categories that are packed with countless state of the art production elements and workparts such as: drum loops, sound effects, musicbeds, music hooks, voice samples and downloadable scripts. Benztown Branding also offers thousands of “plug and play” elements including sweepers, brandings, promos, drones, ramploops, holiday/special events and celebrity/artist IDs that allow you to customize your station effortlessly. The combined search function includes traditional descriptions as well as Benztown’s own innovative mood search, which makes it faster and easier than ever to find elements.

Benztown Voice-Over Group

A revolutionary service that matches radio stations to the best voice-over artists in the world for barter. Designed by Dave “Chachi” Denes, Benztown Branding USA, President and a former Los Angeles Program Director who understands first hand the budget constraints stations face. For the first time ever programmers now have the flexibility to use barter giving them unprecedented access to the worlds top voice-over artists regardless of their budget.

Benztown Imaging Group

A radio imaging and production service that matches radio stations to world-class imaging and production directors around the globe. The idea was conceived by the founders of Benztown, a leading radio production library, imaging, voice-over, jingle and syndication company. Keeping today’s budget constraints in mind, Benztown Imaging Group is the innovator of radio imaging and production services in exchange for barter. Whether you’re looking for someone to collaborate with your current imaging director or need someone to completely re-image your radio station, you now have the flexibility to have a world-class sound, regardless of your station’s budget.

Benztown Radio Networks

Benztown Radio Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hollywood Radio Networks, is an international media syndication company providing unique, first-rate programming and features to radio stations and media companies across the world, including The Melissa Etheridge Radio Show, The Bring it Minute with Tony Horton, The Todd N Tyler Radio Empire, The Ace & TJ Show, Hot Mix, Slow Jams with R Dub!, The Dr. Bruce Hensel Show and Medical Minute, The Storm Report, The Old Farmers Almanac Report, The Race Report Update, Round Trip with Dave-O and FlashBack. Benztown Radio Networks helps meet the challenges facing radio in the 21st century by providing innovative content, dynamic solutions, and an unmatched experience for affiliates and talent.