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A few days ago, I received a stunning element from Benztown News/Talk imaging director and voice over talent Harry Legg. It was the opener for David Guetta’s weekly DJ Mix…. You’ve read right! Harry’s producing and voicing an international syndicated radio show with one of the biggest names in Pop History – DAVID GUETTA.

Pretty nice, what? Check out how former WKTU creative services director Harry managed to get this fantastic job and what skills it takes to create the imaging for this show. (more…)

Remember Harry Legg and how he made it into the 3 major markets? He is one of benztown’s hottest VO and Imaging Guys and he shares his favourite PlugIn Preset with you!

Harry – Distortion Example by Benztown Branding Blog

How he creates the VO sound like this? Learn more and check Harry’s Screenshot. The best about it : The PlugIN Harry is using comes absolutely free with ProTools.


Harry is one of the greates guys in radio business I ever worked with. A Sword fighting Ninja (I am not kidding, Harry is a martial arts specialist) who can be heard on radio and TV stations around the globe. BTW Harry is the voice of our CHR and HotAC Library and for various international projects Oli and I do. In the last 10 years I worked with a lot of differnet Voice Talents and to me Harry’s Vocie and delievering quality (using the same preamp we got – the MANLEY vox box) is just incredible. His Imaging skills are also far beyond. His awards include the NYC A.I.R. Creative Services Director of the Year Award for his work at WKTU and a nomination for Billboard’s Rhythmic APD/Music Director of the year while at Energy in Chicago.

HarryLegg-RadioIDs-320k by Benztown Branding Blog

Check out Harry’s post and learn how his skill set and his great networking ability got him gigs in Chicago, L.A and NYC.