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Power Intros, Beatmixes, sung Song Intros, Brandings, Ramp Edits no matter how you call it, you know what I am talking about. In my opinion still one of the supreme disciplines in Imaging. Why? Because it is one of the technically most difficult Imaging pieces to do having a massive impact on your on-air branding the same time. Integrating the acoustic ID as sung vocals or instrumental line in the song you might be alligned with a few difficulties… the right tempo… the right key and the right position. It was a little over used and sometimes done bad, so a lot of stations stopped doing it, but checking the client requests we got in the last months I think it will become more popular, especially in the no stop, no break PPM culture.

One of my guys at Benztown, Oli, is the Dr No of Power Intros here at Benztown. In his career he has branded more songs with sung vocals than any other guy I know and compared to other guys he is able to do it for any format, any song and any acoustic ID.  Check out the stuff he cutted for you as demo pieces. Please tell us what you think about Power Intros. Would they work on your station, in your market?


J01 082bpm full A Master by Benztown Branding Blog

J01-2 082bpm full Master by Benztown Branding Blog

Like the incredible and smooth vocals sound? Me too! The fascinating about RDUBs jinglepackage in 2 sentences:

1) The music style the jingles are produced – 80s / 90s Soul or R’n’B

2) The singers are real stars of this decades (Mint Condition / H-Town)

How did Dub got in contact with this guys? What did he tell them, that they sung his jingles for free? Learn from one of the do-it-yourself-snydication specialists how he got the guys going and how easy it was having a great network of people already set up.