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Hi guys it’s Andre,

Here’s a quick one on how to create sweeps and Fly-Ins.

A customer was looking for a certain sweeping sound. After searching and sending him various sweeps and Fly-Ins, he still wasn’t happy. ‘Do it with more sine sound.’, that’s what he said.

The solution was easy, but exactly what he wanted. By only using the Signal Generator and another plugin, I managed to create the ideal sweep. Our customer was happy and the day was saved, once again 😉

Check how to create Fly-Ins and Sweeps only with the Signal and some other plugins fast and simple. (more…)

Our little helpers, when it comes to atmosphere, when words or music aren’t enough. No matter if you’re creating a sports promo, if you’re telling a story or if you want to show your listener, what he’s about to win within the next hour. Add that little extra with grest sounding SFX.

A honking car, a football tackle, crashing buildings or just a few birds tweeting – used right, you can create a great picture without using any words.

There are millions of sounds out there and just not enough guys to record it in proper and contemporary quality.

That’s why I’m asking you guys. What is the basic SFX YOU ALWAYS NEED? Are you using SFX at all? What SFX are you using the most and why? What sound would you like to have as SFX, but never found it in great quality?

Here at Benztown, we’re always working on improving on every end, with your help we’ll know exactly what you need and like and what we need to focus on with our new project… Hollywood meets Radio!

I’m excited to see your comments and hear your opinion. AGAIN: What is the basic SFX YOU ALWAYS NEED? Are you using SFX at all? What SFX are you using the most and why? What sound would you like to have as SFX, but never found it in great quality?

Hi guys, it’s André.

It’s been now a year ago when I started as volunteer at the Benztown studios in Stuttgart and I’m still learning everything about radio imaging and production and sharing it with you guys.

A while ago, I recorded some sound effects. The problem was: there only was a stationary tube microphone in the studio, which made it really hard to record sounds.

Now, we got an upgrade to our microphone arsenal – a portable recorder.

So, I spent the weekend walking through the town on the look for noises and sounds. Recording sounds is way easier, when you’re able to move with the microphone 😉

Doors, cars, all types of everyday items and even animals – every sound must be recorded.

It’s totally easy. A pair of unidirectional microphones for exact recording of certain sound sources and a pair of omnidirectional microphones for recording atmospheres. Now adjust the right input level. Today’s recorders have a detailed peak meter, so it’s no hard task to set up the right level. Many recorders have a lot of more functions like creating new tracks without stopping the recording or setting up markers to help you navigate through bigger audio and and and…

I can’t wait to hear the files in the big studio.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s my 20th week at the Benztown Studios and this time, I started something really new for me: I tried myself in SFX creation, means recording and editing real nature sounds.

With a a stationary tube microphone made for voices, it’s not that easy task to find ‘real natural sounds’.

In short: Me and a friend were towing everything we could find to record it. Matches, glasses, lighters, almost everything two guys could lift.

Another factor was that our microphone is suited more for voices.

It’s the Rode K2

Is was surprised, that the mic worked for the SFX recording aswell.

Maybe we gonna get a handheld microphone.

What do you suggest?

Do you have any experience in recording natural sound?

What Mic do you use for recording natural sounds?

I would like to hear your thoughts.

Just write an email to

Cheers and have a nice weekend.