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Finland, the land of polar bears, wodka, ice and snow :)…and excellent radio imaging.

This year’s 24th “Radio and Production Awards” were announced at the end of march and as always a lot of talented people took the challenge and participated. I am very happy to share an interview with one of the contestants and 2nd Runner Up for Large Market Promo : Heikki Wichman from Finland. Heikki is a great guy who has been doing radio imaging for commercial radio in Finland since 1997. He has been working for many stations like U103, Sävelradio, Radio Nova, Nostalgia and NRJ. For the work below on the “Energy Extravadance Show” in 2013, he earned the 2nd runner-up in the category  “Large Market Promo” on this year’s “Radio and Production Awards” and I am thrilled he took some time to answer my questions.


There is a ton of great shows out there, done by great talent and with massive ratings and great economical success. So all parts of the show should be executed well, right? I don’t know if I would agree on that. The point often lacking is great or what I call matching or Perfect Imaging.

1. Perfect Imaging should support the needs and the positionings (segments the talent or show needs or want to own, like comedy, gossip….) 2. Perfect Imaging should create a difference to the opponent and 3. Perfect Imaging should make the show recognizable. That means to me not less than once heard and remembered for ever.

What you are gonna do about it? Will you think twice about the show or talent you work for? Will you support the strategic goals through your imaging? Will you support the positioning of the show/talent? AND THE MOST IMPORTANT : HOW DO YOU WANT TO DO THAT?