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I know many of our readers are experienced in working with Pro Tools, but some guys like Mike Santos (Our Multi-Imaging Rockstar) always preferred audition and just made the switch to Pro Tools and are really new to it. When you’re working for years with another DAW, it’s hard to start with Pro Tools.

My buddy Ryan, our Country Imaging Director and nominee for the first “Radio summit industry award” takes care of the Pro Tools beginners and made a short and easy tutorial. This time, he shows you how to save and load plugIn presets. Never lose time by setting up your plugIns for every session, just save it as preset and it’s available everytime in seconds

This is the second video tutorial by Ryan, who is our country imaging director and head of Imaging for KSCS in Dallas. Your feedback on the first one was awesome and we all really appreciate this. As many suscribers and users proposed we will tag the videos after skill level. Beginner, Intermediate & Pro. This tutorial is very basic and especially for people doing VO recordings for clients or just want to save time and avoid the real time bounce out in proTools . Have fun and check out the new post about the 3 best friends of an imaging legend in the How to improve in 5 minutes caregory as well.