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First, we would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all those who played a part in the success of Iron Imager 2014. This includes (among many others) Dan Kelly, Brady Goodman, Jimmy Steal, Jake Kaplan, the folks at and A&R Worldwide, and all of those who entered the contest. Not to mention the incredible Benztown teams in Los Angeles and Stuttgart. Thank you!!!

When the day of the Iron Imager contest finally came, everything was in place at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood. Both Iron Imagers were ready, the belt was paraded around the convention hall, and the audience watched the following video. Then Benztown’s Justin Case took the stage to introduce the contenders and the contest began!


They had one hour to create a 30 second contest promo for a flyaway to the ACM Awards, using ingredients from Benztown’s 20 Imaging Libraries. In a true test of their professional abilities, the format chosen was Country.

Judges, ranked among the world’s top producers and programmers, were Justin Chase, VP of Programming, Beasley Broadcast Group; Jake Kaplan, Creative Services Director, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles; and Jimmy Steal, VP of Programming, Emmis National Digital Program Director/Power 106 Program Director. After an evening of deliberations and voting, the judges selected Dan Kelly as the 2014 Iron Imager. Kelly humbly accepted his custom-made championship belt from R Dub!, host of Sunday Night Slow Jams and Director of Programming for Jammin’ Z90 and Magic 92.5 San Diego. Kelly thanked the judges, and has agreed to return to Hollywood in 2015 for Iron Imager 4!

Benztown is making donations to the charity of each judge’s choice. The charity that Chase has chosen is Children’s Miracle Network; Kaplan’s chosen charity is The Trevor Project; and Steal’s charity of choice is the American Cancer Society.

Here are their final submissions:

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

This is it! The trophy of the Iron Imager, the most prestigious title in radio production!

Once again, competitors from all over the world will fight for this title and $1,000 in cash. Check here to learn more.

Like last Christmas, us guys over there in Stuttgart take the challenge and create the same TOH element with the same ingredients like all the other competitors.

Stuttgart’s youngsters, Jan, myself and Oli S. also created our own Iron Imager entries. Too bad, we can’t enter the contest (I guess, because the jury would vote for us because of our handsomeness and not only for our imaging ;)), but we don’t want to deprive you of these elements, so here they are!
Check our entries and let us know which one you likes most. (more…)

Hi guys it’s Andre,

Here’s a quick one on how to create sweeps and Fly-Ins.

A customer was looking for a certain sweeping sound. After searching and sending him various sweeps and Fly-Ins, he still wasn’t happy. ‘Do it with more sine sound.’, that’s what he said.

The solution was easy, but exactly what he wanted. By only using the Signal Generator and another plugin, I managed to create the ideal sweep. Our customer was happy and the day was saved, once again 😉

Check how to create Fly-Ins and Sweeps only with the Signal and some other plugins fast and simple. (more…)

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Time flies… it’s now my 36th week here at Benztown Studios and like every week, I’ve prepared a new Production Diary with new expressions and things, I’ve learned in radio imaging and production.

Let’s start with a little test: think of your three favorite Plugins… and now check what you thinked of. Maybe a great compressor, a fat limiter or an awesome reverb, but what about analyzer tools? Yeah, I’m serious 🙂 They might not be the most remarkable Plugins, because they don’t really modify the audio, but if you’re using them right, you will hear the difference.

Especially if you don’t have the best monitoring environment, analyzer tools are a great support for your ears and will help you to solve problems while recording, mixing and mastering.

If you’re new into production, it’s a big help to analyze a reference song and see how it’s build.

Here’s a sample pic of the Waves PAZ Analyzer to show you some of the main features of an anlayzer Plugin.

I’ll start to explain each indicator and explain you how it can help you to improve your mix. (more…)

Mike Santos: Imaging Assasin , Blog Writer, Creative Director for Entercom Denver, Guest Author, Voice Over talent and one of my best friends in the Imaging business hung out in Oz for a few weeks. Like me, Mike is a big fan of ozzi radio and while he was there he was meeting the Imaging Legends from Down Under – Matt Nikolic. Boz and Michael Sideshow and chilled in their studios, talked about Imaging and Radio, drank beer and….Here is his report! Read Mike’s fascinating Ozzi Experience and check the pics. (more…)