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There is so many people in this (radio) world telling you, they go talent and really want X. A better gig, more money, more clients, more responsibility more…. Let me introduce you to a guy, who really wanted it: Damon Oaks. If you are stucked in routines or if you are not confident with your work environment, take Damon’s inspiring interview as personal motivation to challenge yourself every day or to get your butt out of the comfort zone and make an impact to the imaging world.

I got to know Damon a few months ago. He is the imaging guy for WBMX in Boston and a great Voice Over talent as well. His client list is impressive and he even has some clients overseas. Check out the entire interview, the screen caps, Damon’s audio and learn how Damon got hired by Greg Strassel (today Head of Programming for CBS) to image one of the biggest markets in the US. (more…)

IN 2010, Benztown went NT! Our library is on full speed and one of our most important clients and flagship station is WIND in Chicago. So it was one of my greatest goals to write more about NT on the blog, because it is a fascinating format from an imaging standpoint. Everything has to be intense, needs massive impact, but still is content based and the spoken word needs to stand out. It is serious and funny at the same time,  entertaining and informative, political correct or incorrect. To say it in one word: Challenging!

In general, NT Imaging is a total US domain and has been underrepresented on our blog for a long time. But lucky as we were, Harry, our NT imaging director got the chance to interview the PD of one of the most legendary AM stations, AM 560 – WIND, Marcus Brown. They talked about how powerful NT Imaging has to sound in todays competitive environment and what the challenges are to create remarkable, intelligent elements on a daily news flow basis. Harry used to work for legendary stations like the Big One in Cincinnati and has a wide experience in this field as well. Check out his latest Imaging pieces for AM 560 – WIND, learn from Marcus how to successfully brand a NT station and how to create outstanding NT imaging on a daily basis. Enter Harry and Marcus (more…)

Today’s imaging is working completely working without classic outboard gear. The Plugins are getting better and better, nothing’s impossible anymore. There are Plugins for almost everything in radio imaging or music production. And here starts the problem. The more, your Plugin can do, the more CPU power it needs. Not everyone owns a 12-core Mac Pro, so you have to fight with latency. Latency can be a total pain, when you’re placing your audio and that freaking latency destroys your whole work. So what to do?

I’ve created a video with two easy solutions, when you’re having latency caused by Plugins. It might not be a big pro trick, but it’s still cheaper than buying a new computer 😉

Cheers and have a nice weekend.


New York City – The Big Apple! Home of the most famous radio stations in the world and also home of one of the best Imaging guys and VO talents in the world: Dan Kelly. You might remember Dan from my previous posts about the Melissa Etheridge Radio Show and maybe from the Imaging, I created for this project. Dan is the Voice Over and a really awesome guy. His turn around time is fanatstic and it is always fun to work with him. But today you will meet him in a different way: Dan is one of the best and most experienced imaging guys around. I talked to Dan about his Imaging career, production tricks and how he feels working for one of the greatest radio statons in the world WPLJ in NYC!

Enter Dan.