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Factory Presets

Almost every plugin these days comes with more or less factory presets, which shall support us users to set up these plugins right for various occasions. Are these factory presets really a help? Would you trust a VO plugin preset and use it in your production or are you doing all your settings from scratch? A lot of people share presets and settings (like a lot of imaging directors on this blog) on the Internet with others. Are you saving and using presets you found on this blog or elsewhere or are you a self-made presets producer? Let me know what you think.

Oli is Mister PlugIn. Checking out almost any new sh*t makes me freak out sometimes, because his wish list is massive  – all the time. Sometimes I think, beside tons of beer, wine and food his love is plugIns, instruments and making Noise. Best performance time : Late Night!

Today he will show you his latest ONS or maybe it is a little more like that, because Oli was using Altiverb big times years ago and recently he is restarting his affair with it. Why…I let him explain…

Altiverb comes with tons of presets of any imaginable music rooms, areas and gear emulations. The biggest  and most famous concert halls of this world like the LA Philharmonic, the Konzerthaus in Vienna and the Sydney Opera House. Recording studios like Sound on Sound Studio in Manhattan, Hansa Studios in Berlin and Frank Zappa’s personal recording studio and echo room. Different churches all over the world from Spain over Norway to France and Sweden. Big stadiums like the TUI arena in Hannover, Germany or the Antwerp Sports Stadium in Belgium. Bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, train stations,  steel pipes, warehouses, cockpits, cars… Altiverb has it all.

Friends of outboard gear will love Altiverb. Emulations for classics like the Lexicon L480, the Roland Space Echo, the EMT 250 Digital Reverb and tons of others.

Here’s a short vocal file as dry version.

And now hear Altiverb doing some magic: (more…)

Maybe you remember Chucker. Chuck used to be the Classic Hits Imaging Director for Benztown and is now one of our hottest VO Talents. HE is a collector of great Presets and Screen Shots and tons of material considering radio and radio imaging. I am happy to present Chucks unbelievable collection. Thanks for sharing, Chucker!

Dave Foxx Z100 chain:

Check out Chuck’s various EQ settings for John Wells and even more plugIn chains.


For all who missed it….Here is the screencap video of the first ever benztown webinar – My promise: A screen shot festival!

Learn about Session Setup & Routing, VO Treatment, EQing, Compression, Aux PlugINs and and and. Check Multiple Format Imaging Superstar Mike Santos explain his ProTools and Adobe settings + all the screencaps and written instruction (Benztown_webinar_RyanDrean) from benztown country imaging director Ryan Drean and some stuff from me as well.

Mike and I wanna say thank you for your time and if you have ideas for the next webinar, please send to

Here’s the download link to the video (you have to wait a few seconds):

I know many of our readers are experienced in working with Pro Tools, but some guys like Mike Santos (Our Multi-Imaging Rockstar) always preferred audition and just made the switch to Pro Tools and are really new to it. When you’re working for years with another DAW, it’s hard to start with Pro Tools.

My buddy Ryan, our Country Imaging Director and nominee for the first “Radio summit industry award” takes care of the Pro Tools beginners and made a short and easy tutorial. This time, he shows you how to save and load plugIn presets. Never lose time by setting up your plugIns for every session, just save it as preset and it’s available everytime in seconds