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Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s now my 29th week here at Benztown Studios in Stuttgart and I’m still learning (and sharing) imaging tricks from the Benztown crew.

Often you have to create a certain mood in a Promo to deliver the right message. You can do this with music, FX, SFX, Samples and your VO. It’s the goal to make the listener concentrate and not to bore him, so it’s hard to create the right mood without sounding cheesy (unless you want to sound cheesy ;)). We had the same task when we talked about scary mood and how to achieve it the best way.

Today I’m gonna show you how to express a scary mood through your VO with some simple tricks and Plugins, you already have.

Here’s the voice sample, I want to make scary, plus the screenshot.

Not scary at all, what? Now, let’s change this. I’ll show you how… (more…)

In older posts you’ve seen several of my templates, so you know I really dig Aux tracks for Delay and Reverb use. There is nothing faster and easier to me manipulating Audio and create incredible delays and reverb effects. Most of the time I use beat related delays in combination with Filters, Amps, EQs, Flangers and many other plugINs. In this short tutorial I want to show you how I create a nice distortion delay. Remember AUX is POWER!I recorded the video on the fly, so I add the treated VO as audio to the post as well.