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My old friend Matt is back at the Gold Coast – he is now Imaging SEA FM and he sent us this awesome, massive promo!!!

My question is : WHAT do you think about “EPIC IMAGING”? Outdated or still awesome…Please leave a comment below or on Facebook.

Speakerphone Matt Ines 2

Remember Matt Innes? The Globe Trotter of Imaging. He is back in Oz since a few weeks and signed up at Nova. Check his recent work and how he uses  VO layering and panning, mostly done with speaker phone, his favourite plug-in at the moment…

“I’m playing around with Layering voices at the moment. Layering then panning and using different settings in speakerphone. Within speakerphone, im using the ‘radio tuning’ bit down the bottom…really gives the layered VO a nice higher or lower frequency sound.”

Thanks to Matt for sharing his work and production tip with us!

Australia seems like a radio imaging talent factory. Every other week I have the pleasure to see another producer from Australia inspiring me and my work. To me it comes down to one significant point: The big dudes like Konsky, Nikolic, Dower, BT, Sidey etc…  recognize talent and do their best to boost it and make the guys grow.

One amazing imaging producer, who used to work for 2DayFM and now is making noise at Nova is Dan Pearson. Check out his incredible work, learn from his screen caps and enjoy the interview. Cheers, Andy. (more…)

This is the story of one of Australia’s young talented imaging directors, who decided to leave radio (he used to work with David Konsky and Matt Nikolic at Austereo/Southern Cross) and make his dream come true:

Matt wanted to travel around the world with his girlfriend.

After 9 month of life changing experiences, Matt used his inspiration to get back in radio and landed a gig at NOVA. Read Matt’s story  and follow his journey around the world! This is a manifest for radio imaging! (more…)

Is Z100 still on the top, is KIIS cooler or does AMP Radio really rock the house? How about Virgin, NRJ, Capital, 2day, The FOX, NOVA…..? Anybody ever listened to the german CHR station bigFM?

What a topic! I hear you…what are the parameters I should use for this question? How do I measure?

Our common angle might be the imaging, the brand experience, the promotion and contests. If you are a music director, PD or marketing guy you could also go for your personal parameters. We are looking forward to your answers. I tried to predefine some big names related to the CHR / Top40 format, please go ahead and fill in your personal opinion as well.

Have Fun!