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Rock is an unbelievable broad and great imaged format. A format fun to work for – no matter, if you do a more alternative, classic or big balls rock station. What I like about rock is the great combo of wacky, noisy plugINs, FX, the intense beds the mean VO processing + the great and sometimes really bad ass copy writing.

Imaging maniacs were born for that format, legendary stations are still making massive numbers and Guitar Hero is one of the most played games here @benztown studios :)! Check some recent rock productions from Benztown Rock, see a secret PlugIn combo from Fabi & Paul Armstrong and let me know, which rock station do you think is imaged the best.

See some secret PlugIn combos from Fabi & Paul Armstrong and vote for your favorite Rock Station. (more…)

You all know Brendan Tacey as the Head of Imaging for MMM in Melbourne. He is also known as the PRODGUY and runs his own Youtube channel showing YOU tipps & tricks for great radio production. A few days ago I asked Brendan to do a work shop on Compression and Eqing and he came up with an unbelievable detailled post, showing you step by step how he creates an unbelievable VO sound in his daily productions.  This post IS the ultimate roadmap to make you blow your speakers. Enter Brendan!


You might know him as Sidey or “Sideshow” Mike Andersen. He is the Imaging guy for Triple M in Sydney, a VO artist and since a few an oscar nominated actor :)…

Like you see: HE is Mr. Triple M! I am thrilled to present you the multi award winning Michael Andersen. I met Sidey when I was hanging in Sydney in 2005 and he was one of my big influencers in what I call content related or creative radio imaging. He had that special something in his writing, his production and as a person. Sidey to me is one of the best writers and creators in the business. His style is ultra creative, surprising and really really funny.

Read the interview, get all the screencaps and check his latest productions! (more…)

When you hear the audio demo of my australian mate Brendan Tacey, what do you think?

MMM prod- BT by Benztown Branding Blog

Great production, right? What you need to know is, that Brendan Tacey creates Imaginging for 3  MMM stations in Australia (Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane) plus does a shipload of work for 4 digital formats or at least overseas the imaging, too. How does he handle all the business, stays creative, rocks the protools and still loves what he is doing? Read BTs answers to this questions, learn about his time scheduling routines and check out his favourite plugIN combos.