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LA winter times, still not the worst place to hang out, right? But lets start chronologically. While flying over, I had a hard time to sleep, so I got some stuff rolling in the plane. As we decided to create some imaging updates for the Melissa Etheridge Radio Show. I was too packed to do it back home and it was the perfect chance to give it a go. Read more about getting shit done in a plane and check some great screen caps of my settings for Dan Kelly. (more…)

My weeks in L.A. are finally over. Our latest project is running and I am pretty exited about it. I think Imaging and Show works hand in hand. We made Melissa stand out amongst other AC / HotAC productions and wanted to keep the Imaging as real as possible to underline Melissa’s attitudea and personality, which is crucial to a content driven radio show. Altogteher we didnt wanted to be too slow and non energetic as well.

How did we do that? Not to difficlut to do…to be honest.

1. Pick a real sounding and not too over the top VO artitst. Done : Dan Kelly!

2. Dont use too much PlugIN FX like Flanger,SciFi, Pitch etc making the VO surreal sounding!

3. Dont use too much FX, just for start or end of the production elment. Punctuate the important, but get away from the other stuff.

4. Keep the elements as short as possible.

5. Have variations ready to make the music flow going. We worked with a lot of dry versions of the created elements, so the stations have all possibilities in enhancing the music flow.

6. Make the show benchmarks stand out and flexible in usage so we can start or end with a different element each hour.



Hey guys, today I am writing you from the other side of the pond. I am back in L.A. for the next two weeks. My schedule is packed and we will work on several really interesting and challenging projects and catch up with the Benztown crew there. What does that mean for you….you will get great posts as ever + additional stuff right from hottest city in the world – Los Angeles. Did I mention the new Airbus is freaking great :)…

Read more about the Sound Design for the upcoming Melissa Etheridge Show, check the brand new demo, get the news on Benztown going Jack and discover who I am gonna interview, which upcoming pop star I will meet and why I won’t become the prince of Bel Air. (more…)

Most of the time we speak about Station Imaging, but another topic came to my mind  when I read the latest blog post of my friend Tracy Johnson. (Tracy wrote an incredible successful guest post on our blog a few month ago and is legendary for his innovative programming and thinking out of the box). He also did a Q&A with Melissa Etheridge about her upcoming radio show at this years World Wide Radio Summit in L.A. last week – watch the video.

A few weeks ago Dave “Chachi” Denes and Melissa’s crew asked me to do the Imaging Package for the show, which I am really proud of and feeling honnored about. Check the infos on Melissa’s Show and what we’ve done until yet here. My Task for you is: (more…)