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It has been 10 years now, exactly, when the world was hit by the most brutal act of terrorism ever. An entire nation was shocked, thousands of innocent victims found dead and the entire world was looking to NYC – this song was the soundtrack to it.

Here is the best Imaging pieces I could find covering the tragedy of that day, which changed the world. Thanks to all the contributers! I am honored to be able t0 post material, created by the best of the best in the imaging world including David Konsky, Dave Foxx, Sidey, Ryan Drean, John Masecar, Matthieu Blaise – just to name a few!

Audio Pieces examples:

Australia’s finest, David Konsky, sent us this piece, he created for 2DayFM

Z100’s legend himself, Dave Fox, created this series of elements

Triple MMM’s multi award wining Australian Imaging and VO artist Michael ‘Sideshow’ Andersen with his 10 years tribute

Ryan’s KSCS Country tribute to 9/11, amazing VO by John Willyard.

Canadian Imaging Legend John Masecar sent this piece, which was done right after the attacks.

Adam created this masterpiece including Ray Charles’s great song ‘America the beautiful’

Matthieu Blaise’s Europe 1 tribute to 9/11

Benztown’s 10 years tribute.

James Stodd sent us a link to this interview with Lee Harris of 1010WINS in New York City, who was on air when the planes hit the World Trade Center. Also check James’ blog for more great radio content.

The city of art, of love and the best bread  in the world – Paris! Also a massive city in case of Radio Imaging? Easy answer: Yes indeed. Oli and I hung out with Matthieu in Paris this week. He was so kind to show us the most touristy spots on one single day plus gave us an incredible radio station tour in his home town. Thanks for everything, Matthieu, we had an unbelievable day in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! You rock!

Back to French radio: In general, I am really more than impressed. The stations, we visited are all the highest standard in broadcasting technology, their interior design is stunning and the Imaging in France is quiet impressive. The French scene is totally underrepresented through out the mostly English speaking Imaging world. This is easy to prove! Check the Pics, the interview and screencaps with and from Matthieu + the stations I recommend to stream. Enter The French Connection is back!

Here’s a little teaser of what French Imaging has to offer.


Hi guys,

one of the great guys, I met through this blog, is the French Imaging icon Matthieu Blaise. You might know his Transfuser Tutorial or you checked out his blog (sadly it’s in French) – in my opinion one of the best production blogs out there

Now, he’s sharing a special tip with us: a free pro audio back up service

Matthieu: (more…)

Gents, I want to present: a new category : Useful Links

We will feature web- / blog sites about radio imaging, great pop culture websites, shops for studio gear and much more in the following weeks. Today I want to feature the best radio imaging blogs / radio websites. The guys running these, do a fantastic job influencing, updating almost daily and inspiring the imaging community and the radio world. These links are must go to’s – go check it out. (more…)

Hi guys.

Matthieu sent us some awesome pics of the mixing and mastering studio of the French sound engineer Thierry Rogen, based in Phuket, Thailand. Thierry had a long career as sound engineer ‘Désenchantée’ by Mylène Farmer or ‘La Poupée qui fait non’ by Mylène Farmer & Khaled, before he built up the Studios Mega in Phuket, Thailand.

A large studio with great view and only a few minutes away from the beach. It’s mentioned in a French article of Digidesign. Have fun translating it :). In my opinion this studio is one of the best located places in the world to create stunning audio.

These pictures are made before the big tsunami of 2004. Since then, nobody saw Thierry or his studio.

If you know Thierry or more about him, please contact us on