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Guys, I am proud to announce we have found this years contender.

In a very close vote he made his way to the ring and will face Dan Kelly, Creative Services Director of WPLJ/NYC and reigning Iron Imager on April 3rd in The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood/LA. MEET the brave Brady Goodman, Imaging Director of 99.7 The Point (KZPT-FM/Kansas City).

Check out this creativity!

I am looking forward to see you and the NEW Iron IMAGER 2014 @ WWRS.


Most of you guys still know my buddy Mike Santos, Imaging Assasin at AMP in LA, Benztown’s HotAC Imaging Director and VO Artist for Benztown and various stations nationwide.

Mike sent me a little snapshot of 2012, including all the great stuff he has done so far!!!!!!

‘Here’s a quick composite of some stuff from this year (Amp, Carson Daly, Live955, KRXP, Benz) and the last promo I did when I was covering for Jake Kaplan at Amp.’

‘Also, here’s a screenshot for the “What’s That Sound” promo that’s in the middle of the composite.’

Thanks to Mike for sharing his audio and screenshot

There is so many people in this (radio) world telling you, they go talent and really want X. A better gig, more money, more clients, more responsibility more…. Let me introduce you to a guy, who really wanted it: Damon Oaks. If you are stucked in routines or if you are not confident with your work environment, take Damon’s inspiring interview as personal motivation to challenge yourself every day or to get your butt out of the comfort zone and make an impact to the imaging world.

I got to know Damon a few months ago. He is the imaging guy for WBMX in Boston and a great Voice Over talent as well. His client list is impressive and he even has some clients overseas. Check out the entire interview, the screen caps, Damon’s audio and learn how Damon got hired by Greg Strassel (today Head of Programming for CBS) to image one of the biggest markets in the US. (more…)


New York City – The Big Apple! Home of the most famous radio stations in the world and also home of one of the best Imaging guys and VO talents in the world: Dan Kelly. You might remember Dan from my previous posts about the Melissa Etheridge Radio Show and maybe from the Imaging, I created for this project. Dan is the Voice Over and a really awesome guy. His turn around time is fanatstic and it is always fun to work with him. But today you will meet him in a different way: Dan is one of the best and most experienced imaging guys around. I talked to Dan about his Imaging career, production tricks and how he feels working for one of the greatest radio statons in the world WPLJ in NYC!

Enter Dan.


Today Fabi our skateboard loving Rock Imaging Director will show you how to handle extremely complicated music cuts proper by producing a Monster ROCK branding using a FILTER Automation. You can use the same technique also while creating beatmixes, promos or anything where you need to cut music and it is a challenging task to do this proper. Paul Armstrong, the multi Sony Award Winner and legendary producer of XFM in London + benztown HotAC Imaging Director introduced this technique to Fabi. Since this day, Fabi is a real fan and wants to share his favorite trick with you. Check it out and see how the magic works :)….THE FILTER STRIKES BACK ! Today…

To hear more of Fabi’s powerful Rock Imaging click here!


My weeks in L.A. are finally over. Our latest project is running and I am pretty exited about it. I think Imaging and Show works hand in hand. We made Melissa stand out amongst other AC / HotAC productions and wanted to keep the Imaging as real as possible to underline Melissa’s attitudea and personality, which is crucial to a content driven radio show. Altogteher we didnt wanted to be too slow and non energetic as well.

How did we do that? Not to difficlut to do…to be honest.

1. Pick a real sounding and not too over the top VO artitst. Done : Dan Kelly!

2. Dont use too much PlugIN FX like Flanger,SciFi, Pitch etc making the VO surreal sounding!

3. Dont use too much FX, just for start or end of the production elment. Punctuate the important, but get away from the other stuff.

4. Keep the elements as short as possible.

5. Have variations ready to make the music flow going. We worked with a lot of dry versions of the created elements, so the stations have all possibilities in enhancing the music flow.

6. Make the show benchmarks stand out and flexible in usage so we can start or end with a different element each hour.