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YOU ARE Rockstars……And I say this from the bottom of my heart. Without you and your suppport, the blog would not be possible! August was our biggest blog month ever and Andre and I want to thank all of you guys for creating something remarkable together and developing a place, imaging guys can go to learn, chat,  share and get inspired! When I started that almost a year ago, I never had a clue that this baby would grow so fast and get so massive! I am proud of every single post, the unbelievable personal stories and the great new connections and relations around the globe for all of us.  I am proud of you!

Thanks for sharing all your tricks, infos, ideas and wisdom. Thanks for your incredible talent, your time, effort, pics, screen caps, videos, audio, posts, comments and and and….We can make the imaging world better, increase the overall quality and develop new talents in our world.

Let’s keep on rocking!

Andy & Andre

Please post your personal blog experience below as a comment or send me an email to Can’t wait to hear your connects and stories!

Hi all,

first I wanna thank you for your massive interest in this. I am really excited in start doing this –  maybe even on a regular basis wit a special guest each time. For Friday: All places are taken, so sorry, but we had to limit this to guarantee and good Q&A part. For those who can’t make it, please don’t hesitate to send over your questions considering session setup and VO treatment ( and we will discuss during the webinar and post a few days later. I received really great material from our guests Mike and ? (the secret guy, you know this already) and I am really looking forward to share it with you.

Until then, here are a few great VO artists and the benztown VO treatment of them as audio and PlugIn Combo:


used PlugINs VOX: EQ 3 7-Band, Sci-Fi, MondoMod

used PlugINs Aux: EQ 3 7-Band, L2, T-Racks3 Prog EQ 1A, RVox, L2


used PlugINs VOX: EQ 3 7-Band, L2, H Delay

used PlugINs Aux: EQ 3 7-Band, L2, T-Racks3 Prog EQ 1A, RVox, L2


used PlugINs VOX: RCompressor, R EQ 6-Band, EQ 3 1-Band

used PlugINs Aux RCompressor, R EQ 6-Band, EQ 3 1-Band, D-Verb


used PlugINs VOX: EQ 3 7-Band, Sci-Fi, MondoMod

used PlugINs Aux: EQ 3 7-Band, L2, T-Racks3 Prog EQ 1A, RVox, L2

A few days ago we received an email from Kyle. He wanted Cousin :)…HE gets Cousin!

I would like to see just some tutorials on maybe how your Rock/Alt imaging directors set up their sessions and some of the main plug ins they are using.
VO Artists I would like to see have an interview are Malcolm Ryker, Steve Stone and Cousin Deke… are the main one I enjoy.

Thanks Guys!

We reached out to Cousin Deke. He’s Creative Services Director at KDGE FM in Dallas, Texas, an multi format imaging hero (he does 4!!), the main voice for benztown HotAC and very successful part of the Benztown VO Group. Cousin has put a lot of effort into the interview and demo!

Check out Cousin’s demo, his story, his favourite VO settings and his tips for everyone starting out in VO. An incredible detailed interview. Thanks Deke!

Cousin: “but I ain’t getting naked (again) – i learned my lesson on that!  ha.” (more…)