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Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Today I’m going to share a certain kind of compression technique which some is also called ‘Motown Trick’ or ‘New York Compression’, which enables you to get dynamic signals under control without getting loose of the original punch and natural dynamic — also called Parallel Compression.

Parallel Compression is the combination of heavy compression and no compression to get the best of both the compressed and uncompressed signal. Especially signals with a lot of dynamics like drum tracks or VO are great examples to try out this technique. Check below how it works and try it on your own. (more…)

When I was skimming through the latest issue of Music Tech Magazine, I stumbled over an old question I have been asked a thousand times while doing personal trainings with imaging guys, sound designers or webinars. EQ, before or after compression? It’s a tricky question, which is dividing the production community since years. Everyone got his own opinion. Here at Benztown, we never use compression before EQing, but over the years, I’ve seen many producers, with quiet big names in the industry, who use the EQ after compression and they swear that’s the only way to do it. Others do both, EQ, then compressor, then a second EQ. I think it is personal taste and depends strongly on the goal you want to achive.

So here’s my question for you guys: How do you do it? Which way do you EQ and compress your audio (f.e. your VO)?

Vote in the poll below or tell of your experiences with compression and EQing in the comments.

He recently won the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs voting. He’s on tour all over the world in the biggest clubs. Every track he works on, becomes a worldwide chart hit. He’s the most popular and successful DJ/Producer in Pop and Electronic Music at the moment. You know who I am talking about ….who’s that b****….Yeah. David Guetta!

Today, me and Oli my partner and head of composing at Benztown, show you how to create pumping beats like David Guetta. All you need is a compressor that is able to sidechain. Enter The Sidechain Prince Pt.2!

David Guetta Beats for your production! Check David’s personalized Benztown Intro :).

Typically you use a compressor right in the VO track or in a VO Sub or VO AUX to make your VO guy sound thick and powerful In an old post I showed you how my VO sub looks and compression, EQ-ing and limiting is an endless topic to me.  We @ benztown do adjustments in our settings almost ever second week and you can always find a better, tougher, punchier and more brilliant sound in comparing various compressors and presets. Today I want to show you how compressors with a sidechain function work as a volume adjuster. Save time, make your VO cut through! Enter the Sidechain Prince Pt 1:

Last week I had a quiet challenging experience while rebuilding my master template session. I was curious about how some new plugs would work on my VO settings for Harry, who is our male CHR Voice on benztown branding. I got stuck for almost three hours, because I had the feeling some of the new stuff sounded better and richer, so I compared, changed and tweaked the settings. This was hard for me personal, because I woked over weeks on Harry’s settings, when starting the CHR with him. Throwing that over board was not easy, but at the end I am happy with the decision, because I experienced my own development and willing to improve.

So this is the easiest experiment ever, but one of the most challenging and effective. You will experience personal development and your VO will sound even better afterwards. I promise. Try it, NOW. Hope you don’t get caught up.