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Most of you guys might remember Gavan Bruderer from some older posts we did over the years about his experiences with Fame FX and radio imaging in general. He is a talented bloke and currently works for Clear Channel imaging Z100 Portland, as well as he is taking care of the commercial workload directly in Salt Lake City, where he is based + he does some startup packages for new stations that Clear Channel launches.

We often talk about Pro Tools on this blog too, but a lot of guys use Adobe Audition out there and Gavan decided to give those people a chance for asking questions and sharing ideas about the DAW. Therefore Gavan launched A Facebook page where all the producers using Adobe Audition can ask questions, share feedback and connect with official Adobe Members to discuss Audition. Gavan told us that there are a ton of Pro Tools groups out there, but he never found any about Adobe Audition that specifically targets radio producers.




So if any of you guys out there are logged into Facebook and you are interested in Adobe Audition give Gavan a thumbs up RIGHT HERE!



A few weeks ago, I asked Rachel McGrath to write a post on the blog, because I really admire her work as a Producer and Voice Talent. I work with her on our CHR library since a few months and she really rocks! To be honest, she is one of the best female Voice Talents I ever worked with delivering in great quality and fun to work with. I recommend to check out her stuff. Beside that she is the Voice and Imaging director for CC Atlanta.

Rachel McGrath – Voice Demo-122810 by Benztown Branding Blog

Random Person: “What’s it like to work in such a male dominated world?”
Me: “I work with men???? With big deep voices? I never noticed!”

Read the entire interview and check out Rachel’s favourite plugIns as screenshots. (more…)

On our service, we offer weekly update hooks and ramploops as a category. My assitant producer and bad ass skateboarder Fabi cuts them for all formats available on benztown –  quiet some work to do beside skateboarding :). One of our benztown affiliates and subscribers to the blog a really talented Voice Actor and CC Producer Neil Wilson sent through the email below.

“Hey man,

whenever whomever (?) gets a chance… I’d love to see how they do the hooks you all produce.  I can’t seem to get that cool reverb effect to match.

would love to see a tutorial video on the blog…

🙂 Neil”