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Direct InsertAux Track Insert

Modern DAWs and computers have enormous power these days. Back in the days, you had to think twice before using an effect plugin in your session. Plugin slots and CPU power were limited.

The possibility of using AUX tracks to sum various tracks to one effect plugin was needed to make bigger sessions even work fluently.

Today, even little laptops can play massive sessions with dozens of tracks and plugins. Most plugins have a built-in mix fader to change the amount without the need of an extra track for that, so let’s drag all plugins directly into our audio tracks and that’s it, right?

How about you? Why the need of AUX tracks for effects anymore when you can insert them all directly? How do you set up your effects? Direct insert or AUX track insert?

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s the 50th issue of my production diary an I’m still sharing all the thing, I learn at the Benztown studios.

Today’s music is mostly heavily compressed with a lot of loudness. You will see this, when you’re working with a lot of music in your promos. Music combined with FX, VO and vocal samples, then mastered again in your own master channel… Sometimes, that’s just too much and you’ll have clipping on your master.

There’s a simple way to avoid this without a lot of work – the Music Bus


In older posts you’ve seen several of my templates, so you know I really dig Aux tracks for Delay and Reverb use. There is nothing faster and easier to me manipulating Audio and create incredible delays and reverb effects. Most of the time I use beat related delays in combination with Filters, Amps, EQs, Flangers and many other plugINs. In this short tutorial I want to show you how I create a nice distortion delay. Remember AUX is POWER!I recorded the video on the fly, so I add the treated VO as audio to the post as well.

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s now my 19th week at the Benztown Studios, since I started as volunteer.

When you start with Pro Tools, you’ll be massively overwhelmed by all the different functions and possibilities. There are so many techniques, shortcuts, plugIns and functions that need to be learned to control them. You might not need  every function, but there are definitely a lot of functions, which have to be learned to increase your workflow and your production.

In the following video, I combined two essential functions: Routing tracks to a bus and using automation.

In an earlier tutorial, Ryan already showed you how to create a bus, which helps you to save system power – (not everyone’s got a twelve core Mac Pro 🙂 – and allows you to have the same settings for multiple tracks withould inserting loads of plugIns in the tracks.

Another great function is automation. It’s activated by holding command + option + controlfor mac and control + alt + start for pc and clicking on the parameter you want to automize.

To switch to the track with the automation data, hold control + command – click for mac and control + start – click

Almost everything in Pro Tools can be automized. If you can click it, try to automize it 😉 – okay, not every clickable object in Pro Tools can be automized, but a lot of them.

By combining routing to an Aux Track and using automation, I was able to create the following video in a few minutes, instead of wasting a lot of time, using the same plugIn in every track and automizing every little parameter.

So enjoy the video. (more…)

He guys, it is finally there! Our first video turtorial is on. Thanks to Ryan, who is the imaging director for our Country Library and  the guy who does the imaging on KSCS in Dallas. More video tutorials to come. If you have specific questions we should adress, special guest wishes or want to share your favourite tricks please let us know.