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Most of you guys might remember Gavan Bruderer from some older posts we did over the years about his experiences with Fame FX and radio imaging in general. He is a talented bloke and currently works for Clear Channel imaging Z100 Portland, as well as he is taking care of the commercial workload directly in Salt Lake City, where he is based + he does some startup packages for new stations that Clear Channel launches.

We often talk about Pro Tools on this blog too, but a lot of guys use Adobe Audition out there and Gavan decided to give those people a chance for asking questions and sharing ideas about the DAW. Therefore Gavan launched A Facebook page where all the producers using Adobe Audition can ask questions, share feedback and connect with official Adobe Members to discuss Audition. Gavan told us that there are a ton of Pro Tools groups out there, but he never found any about Adobe Audition that specifically targets radio producers.




So if any of you guys out there are logged into Facebook and you are interested in Adobe Audition give Gavan a thumbs up RIGHT HERE!



We have two big groups of readers on the blog: Pro Tools and Adobe Audition users. Each DAW has its loyal fans since years, so we have a special just for you guys. I had a little time to do some research on the net to bring you the best of both worlds!

Tutorials, support, tricks, inspiration and much more especially for your DAW. Here’s a list of great websites, every Audition and Pro Tools user should check (besides of this blog of course ;)).

Pro Tools: is the official Avid Audio Forum. Find everything about Pro Tools: Tricks, support, tipps, discussions and much more, no matter if you’re a PC or a Mac user. is an interantional forum covering soft- and hardware and any kind of production with Pro Tools. is an excellent source for the latest news and great tutorials for Pro Tools. offers a wide range of tutorials, videos, tricks, reviews and support for Pro Tools users.

get the latest news and a lot of great links for Pro Tools. is the perfect place for news, tricks and reviews comsidering production with Pro Tools.

Adobe Audition:

The official Adobe Audition Forum is your door to the daily growing community of Audition users. Discuss everything about Audition, get technical support, reviews, inspiration and more.

The perfect source for Audition videos. Check the tutorials and get inspired.

The Adobe Audio Blog. Providing news, reviews, tricks, tutorials and more since over three years.

Guys like James Smith or Nic Kelly have proven it: Adobe Audition is a hot topic in Radio Imaging. In the last time, we heard a lot of great imaging  produced with Adobe Audition. There is some very hot beatmatching – and all this without the help of a ProTools grid mode.

Morning Show producer for Fox FM in Mebourne, script writer and Pro Tools and Adobe Audition expert, Jerimiah a.k.a. Jez B, created a Beatmixing Tutorial for Adobe Audition.

Check his video, follow a few easy steps and you’ll never miss a beat.

Last week we introduced our brand new category “The Nic Kelly Files” featuring one of the new generation of Imaging guys.  Nic Kelly from Australia!

After showing us how to create stunning beatmixing techniques in Adobe Audition, he’s got something special for you, no matter if you’re using Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Logic or any other DAW.

Today he shows us his self created Cosmonaut Voice:

Cosmonaut Voice is a stunning plugin which includes telephone voice, CB radio distortion, noise, squelch and even interplanetary effects…

Check out an example by David Konsky himself: just click here

Of course such a great plugin has it’s price which may be to exorbitant for a young producer, which just has started.

So, Nic Kelly created his OWN Cosmonaut Voice:

This example is created without Cosmonaut Voice! You don’t believe it? Then check out Nic’s plugin chain screenshots and take off to outer space. (more…)

first of all I am really thankful for all your answers an interest in this post. I will try to adress a survey from now one at least once a month.

See my answers to the comments below.

Matthieu says:

My DAW is a Pro Tools HD2 system & my favorite plug’in is the Transfuser from Digidesign/Avid. A very cool plug with a lots of possibility & fx on it. 1 everything run on the tempo, love it ;)

Benztown: Cool, we run a HD 3 Accel in the big studio. I also love the Transfuser, it is a great tool for Music Production as well. I think it would be cool, if you could write a blog post about the Transfuser and its opportunities.

Chuck says:

December 10, 2010 at 18:39 (Edit)

I use Adobe 1.5. Stable. Trustworthy. I can do just about anything with it you can do on Pro Tools. I also use Sony Vegas 8.0.

My favorite “go to” plugs… L1, C1 comp/gate, SSL 4000 compressor… and Waves REQ6 and L2/L3. I start with those then work from there.

Benztown: Cucker is in the house. Love the L3 as well, same with the  L2. Best Limiters on earth in my opinion. How about the SSL 4000. Can you send me a screenshot for VO you use – so I post with your comment?

Andrew Choiniere says:

I use Nuendo 3.2 and it work A1…. and i don’t know anyone who is using Nuendo. ahah.
Plugins ? Waves bundle, T-Racks, PSP Nitro, FabFilter, speakerphone… those are the main one.

Benztown: I never worked on Nuendo, but would love to check it out one day.  I love T-Racks as well. Is there any specific plugIn you like most and why?

Pete says:

Adobe Audition 3.0.1 and Pro Tools M-Powered for most demanding vocal stuff. But I still like working on Audition most of the time. As for the plugs, hmmm… Waves L3, Waves MetaFlanger, API 2500/SSL compressors, Waves REQ6 (yeah, me too) and Izotope Ozone. These days I’m testing new Izotope’s “Nectar” and I’m sure this thing will be my next *must have.
Outboard gear? My only desire is Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel and I’m planning to get one soon ;)

Benztown : I would take the Aphex as well :). Will check out the Nectar soon. Here is the demo link. There are great presets in Izoptope plugINs in general.

Gavan says:

I’ve used Audition, Vegas, Pro Tools, Sonar…

But now I use Cockos Reaper ( and LOVE it! So much more intuitive, and it is such a great price as well.

As for plugs, I use the Waves Gold bundle, and I love the BBE Sonic Sweet ($99)

Benztown: The gold bundle is great. Waves still is my first choice very often. Vegas is not often been used in Europe. Is there any advantages compared to ProTools?