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While I was in LA, I had the honor to meet Jake Kaplan in the CBS studios in Culver City, home of AMP, the legendary KROQ , and Jack FM. Jake is the head of Imaging for AMP and an incredible talented imaging guy with an exact vision for his station. Before he was creating magic for AMP Jake used to be the head of Imaging for the world famous KROQ and Jack FM LA.  This Rock influence and more rougher style is recognizable on his productions for AMP as well, beacuse it is not the typcial CHR or KISS clone.Inspiring stuff!

Read the inspiring interview, check the screen caps of Jake’s favourite plugIns and listen to his great imaging pieces for AMP. (more…)

Is there any city in the world like L.A. To me: definitely NOT! Where else in the world can you meet a guy carrying an iguana everywhere he goes or chat with multi grammy winner and platinum album producer Val Garay while having dinner. Both did I in one day! I met the Iguana guy, when I was hanging with Jake Kaplan at the AMP studios in Culver City (check the blog for Jake’s upcoming post) and met Val when I had dinner with my friends Chachi, George and his stunning wife Katrina at Boa/Sunset. Val is a truly inspiring person and is the mastermind behind a lot of great music we all know. His biggest hit ever was Kim Carnes’ – Bette David Eyes. These days Val is working with Katrina, hit mediabase charts with her first song # 46. Most of his work he does with ProTools and Logic in his home studio which is based 30 miles from L.A. Check Val’s interview about the Aphex Aural Exciter:

I also use the Aural Exciter a lot and nothing comes close in my opinion as well!

Hey guys, today I am writing you from the other side of the pond. I am back in L.A. for the next two weeks. My schedule is packed and we will work on several really interesting and challenging projects and catch up with the Benztown crew there. What does that mean for you….you will get great posts as ever + additional stuff right from hottest city in the world – Los Angeles. Did I mention the new Airbus is freaking great :)…

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