The Studio One “Vari-Fi” or nerdy stuff we show our colleagues

Posted: April 30, 2014 in General, Videos
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Vari-Fi Studio One







In some of the last posts we showed our favourite additional composing DAW Studio One and some of its useful functions. This week we have two amazing visitors from the Benztown offices in L.A. – Justin “Imaging Ninja” Case and Shane “Guitar Hero” Drasin. While Justin and I are discussing Imaging, FX and VO chains – Shane is working with Oli and Konrad.


Shane works mostly with Pro Tools and Reason, but the guys over here show him our latest fav Studio One. No question he can create music, sound design and the next number 1 hit with a 4Track recorder, as long he has a guitar in his hands. He liked some of the features of Studio One and wants to give them a try in the future.  Konrad, who really became a fan of the presonus DAW, found a solution to outweigh one of the last deficits of Studio One –  It has Vari-Fi on board now. His method might be a bit unusual and does not create a real vinyl stop, but you can slow down audio in a minute, without 3rd party plug-ins…

This short video shows how to slow down an audio file using Studio One’s Sample One:


– Mark the clip you want to slow down

– Right-click and choose “Send to new Sample One”

– Turn down the Amp a bit (to avoid clipping) and turn up the pitchbend range to 24

– Record or draw c3 (root-key) for the length of your audio clip and move the pitchbend down

– Or draw a pitchbend curve (linear or parabolic)

– Mark the midi file, right-click and choose “Bounce to new track” from the Event options

– Now you have a slow downed audio file, but you might need to fade it, because it’s not a real vinyl stop


When you are using shortcuts, these steps work very quickly and you can also create funny effects by playing around with the other features of Sample One or with more complex pitch bend curves…

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