SFX Experiences Pt.2 or Unromantic Guys vs. Valentine’s Day Sounds!

Posted: February 14, 2014 in General
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Happy Valentine’s Day to all our lovely blog readers!!! WE LOVE YOU!

We know not many of us can be as romantic as Gary, who found his great love today as you can see above. But our SFX-Diggers Konrad and Max gave their best and did a brainstorm on which sounds to record for Valentine’s Day. (Side Note Andy: In this regard, they had to face some things, they always have been avoiding in conversations with their girlfriends…)

Candlelight Dinner:

Because both are definitely no five-star cooks, they decided to record wine glasses only (chinking, pouring wine/water into it) and skip the entire dinner and because the candle stock at the benztown studio Stuttgart is strictly reserved for jingle recordings (listen to the captain in the last video an you know why;)), Konrad and Max  only recorded matches with the Rode NT-4.

Getting Married:

Yes, this causes panic in most unwed male brains, but the guys tried to find a very typical sound and agreed on wedding carriage. Gladly they found a cool guy called Jochen Bacher who offers coach rides and they could record during a test run (with the internal mics of the Tascam DR-100 and the Rode NTG-2, booming close to the wheels and horse’s harness).

Writing Love-Letters:

Hmm… instead of trying to write something poetic or cheesy, Max recorded 5 writing utensils with two different mics while scribbled some weird stuff. The result: A pencil recorded with the sounded best!

Chimes, Presents, Sighs And Kisses:

Additionally Max and Konrad recorded chimes with the NT-4 and unwrapped some presents. And they had the luck that our lovely neighbour Cindy took some time perform some giggling, sighing AND kissing (Sidenote Andy: I made sure that none of these scallywags was involved!). Call it a short Valentine’s Day SFX romance:)!

So, Konrad and Max survived their romantic adventures but maybe you guys have more ideas, which SFX could fit for Valentine’s Day? Maybe Gary would have some thoughts, but he is too busy…sorry guys!

  1. Matthieu says:

    Very funny video ! Great work guys. Hope they having cool moments together 😉 and hope you have shutdown all microphone at this time… Or recorded for the +18 section.

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