Neil’s Killer Tools or spend a few bucks and work like a Pro!

Posted: February 7, 2011 in General
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Neil sent throug a few Tools he is using on VO recoding and signal connection via ISDN . They are powerful, pro standard and one of them amazingly really cheap.

Some cool “tools” for voiceover.

I’m always amazed at who uses what when it comes to software and DAW’s.  As a VO guy ( I find that less is more.

For about 80 bucks there is a great program called ‘Twisted Wave’ (  It’s a simple one track editor that allows us VO peeps to lay it down, edit, save in the requested file format and send it off.  Virtually NO learning curve!

For us Prod guys… it’s great for ripping audio from YouTube. It has a “import from youtube url” feature!

ISDN is still a pretty heavily used tool for studios and talent.  But have you seen Source Connect? ( It’s basically ISDN via IP.  It uses a high speed internet connection to give you CD quality ISDN like link.  It can even connect via a bridge to ISDN… so BAM you got ISDN where ever you are!

  1. Ryan says:

    Twisted Wave is mac only ….I think… but I always hear good things from mac folks who find pro tools or other Daws too daunting. Especially VO people.

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