The “Transfuser” Imaging Magic and the French Connection – Meet Matthieu Blaise

Posted: January 12, 2011 in General, Videos
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Mattieu is a great producer from France. We emailed back and forth and after I heard he is using the Transfuser a lot I asked him to do a video tutorial for you – and here it is! Thanks to you Mattieu for sharing!

(@ Benztown we also use the Transfuser time by time and I recommed to check it out, becuase it is really intuitive and easy to use)

Also check out Mattieu’s production demos. Great and powerful stuff!

Matthieu – Demo Madonna by Benztown Branding Blog

Matthieu – PI Eminem Rihanna by Benztown Branding Blog

Matthieu – PI Katy Perry California Gurls by Benztown Branding Blog

Matthieu – PI Lady Gaga on the phone by Benztown Branding Blog

  1. […] Blaise is a French imaging legend and did several posts on our blog. His blog is in french and mainly reports about the french imaging and the french radio […]

  2. […] great guys, I met through this blog, is the French Imaging icon Matthieu Blaise. You might know his Transfuser Tutorial or you checked out his blog (sadly it’s in French) – in my opinion one of the best […]

  3. […] Also a massive city in case of Radio Imaging? Easy answer: Yes indeed. Oli and I hung out with Matthieu in Paris this week. He was so kind to show us the most touristy spots on one single day plus gave […]

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